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Balochistan: 44 disappeared, 27 killed in June 2019

Reappearance and disappearance continued in Balochistan. Thirty-three previously forcibly disappeared persons have reappeared in the month of June 2019. But then again, on the other hand, the disappearances continued with

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Produce enforced disappeared persons in courts. BHRO

The spokesperson of BHRO, in a statement, said that the state authorities have confessed many times that the missing persons are in their custody and will not be released until

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Rashid Hussain extradition was illegal. BHRO

Balochistan is suffering from a humanitarian crisis where thousands of people have been extrajudicially arrested in daily operations of security forces.  Thousands of Baloch political activists, lawyers, intellectuals, doctors, students

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Enforced disappearances have escalated in Balochistan.​ Abdullah Abbas

Abdullah Abbas, the General Secretary of Baloch Human Rights Organization, issued a statement in the reaction of the government’s announcement of the recovery of enforced disappeared persons. He said that