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Balochistan: Security forces have occupied 4 schools’ buildings in a week. 17 people forcibly disappeared.

Forces’ atrocities, monstrous military operations, looting of houses, disappearances of Baloch individuals, kill and dump policies are still continuing in all over Balochistan. In this last week, 17 people were


Balochistan: 30 people forcefully disappeared, 23 extra judicially executed in 10 days

Human rights violations, military operations, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial executions continue in all over Balochistan in first 10 days of 2018 too. 30 people are abducted by forces from different


Balochistan: 2114 people forcefully disappeared, 545 extra judicially killed, 92 mutilated bodies recovered in 2017. BHRO

Balochistan has become “The Black Hole” for the students, lawyers, doctors, human rights defenders, journalists and especially political activists who differ from the narrative of the government. All the organs