Balochistan: UN should investigate human rights violations in Balochistan. More than 20 abducted including 5 brothers. BHRO

Baloch Human Rights Organization’s representative showed his concern on arrest and enforced disappearance of dozens of people from Gichk, District Panjgur and said that the continuity of chain of enforced disappearances in Balochistan has intensified instead of being solved. During military operations, the forces violate all the laws and abduct innocent people from their homes where instead of producing them in court, they are subject to inhumane torture. It can be easily assumed from such operations that the security forces have a parallel government in Balochistan which prior to all judiciary system and other laws abducts innocent people illegally.

Mazar s/o Meer Khan Photo: BHRO

Peer Jan s/o Meer Khan Photo: Ashob News

The vast authorities of security forces in Balochistan have turned the human rights situation critically serious but the seriousness of the situation is not being acknowledged by civil society and human rights organizations of Pakistan so far which could be more worse in near future.





Baloch Human Rights Organization’s representative has said that from last few days, forces are continuously raiding and

Baiyan s/o Meer Khan Photo: BHRO

abducting people from Gichk, district Panjgur. In last 5 days, forces have abducted more than 20 people of the same family including 5 brothers and shifted them to unknown locations. Some of the abductees are identified as Zahid s/o Shahdad, Issa s/o Lashkar, Atta s/o Jorak, Mazar s/o Meer Khan, Pirjan s/o Meer Khan, Baiyan s/o Meer Khan, Hussain Bakhsh s/o Meer Khan, Karim s/o Meer Khan, Wahid Bakhsh s/o Jumma, Shoaib s/o Roshan, Obaid s/o Khuda Bakhsh and Khayal s/o Mubarak.





The representative of Baloch Human Rights Organizations said that wherever the forces carried out military operations, all the men including the youths and elders were subjected to torture and abducts them which is violations of their basic human rights and forces are committing them on daily basis. It is the responsibility of United Nations’

Zahid s/o Shahdad Photo: BHRO

concerned authorities to send a fact-finding mission in Balochistan and investigate the incidents of enforced disappearances, custodial killing and extrajudicial executions and take steps to stop human rights violations by forces of the member state of United Nations.