Balochistan: Women and children has become the primary victims of “Military Operations”, 36 forcibly disappeared.

Military operations, enforced disappearances, extrajudicial executions, looting valuables of houses and burning down of settlement of the inhabitants in Balochistan are the daily routine of security forces in Balochistan. The security forces are continuously committing heinous crimes against humanity with impunity. The primary victims of military operations across Balochistan are innocent

people and most of the time women and children.

From February 1st to February 10, 2018, security forces have abducted 36 people while 7 people were extrajudicially executed in which 4 people died in target killing while mutilated body of Saleh Muhammad was recovered from Mastung and 2 totally decomposed unrecognizable bodies recovered from

Dera Ghazi Khan, packed in a sack. Due to lack of medical facilities, a large number of recovered bodies in Balochistan were buried unidentified and without collecting any samples.

On February 3, forces carried out a military operation in Rabi and Peerpul areas of Naseerabad and abducted 5 people. They are identified as Khairullah s/o Bohari Bugti, Jabar s/o Dur Muhammad Bugti, Moriya s/o Suleman Bugti, Nabi Dost s/o Kura Bugti and

Siraj Tahir

Bahram Bugti.




On the same day, in a raid in Shahrak District Kech, forces abduct another 5 persons including 2 brothers namely Saal Jan Kamalan and Shabir Kamalan.


On February 6, forces abduct a student, Siraj Tahir from Essai Panjgur. On February 7, forces raided a shop in the same area and abduct another teenager Imran s/o Haji Jumma. Their whereabouts are still unknown.


Separately, on the same day, forced sieged Ochat, a village in Dasht district Kech and abduct 6 people. However, 4 people were later released while Yaqoob Sazal and Wahag Muhammad are still in

Imran Haji Jumma

the custody of forces.




On February 8, forces carried out 2 days long military operation in Chatok, Mashkay, where forces abduct 4 women and burned down many houses. During the operation, forces abduct Lal Bibi Atta Muhammad, Zar Bib Murad Khan, Khair Bano Bahram and Sara Ali Murad. They were released after few hours and were abducted again after few hours. The houses of Mir Saho Khan were also set ablaze. Mir Saho’s houses were bombed in 2012 before, in which 7 people died including an infant Bakhti.

Bakhti, killed by security forces bombardment in 2012