Security forces are absolved from all laws in Balochistan.

Security forces in Balochistan are continuously committing crimes against humanity. Enforced disappearances, extrajudicial executions, robbing the innocent people is the daily routine of forces. The insecurity, fear of abduction and execution has replaced the peace in the lives of people of Balochistan.

26 people were forcibly disappeared in a week i.e. from 11 to 18 February. 3 people were also killed in

From Left to Right: Qaboos Abdul Karim and Naeem Chakar

target killing in which Muneer Usman was shot dead by policemen in his shop in Washbood, Panjgur


on February 12.

15 people were also released in this week. Most of them were abducted by security forces in the ongoing month of February. Qaboos Abdul Karim is released on February 18. He was abducted from Jinnah International Airport, Karachi on May 16, 2016, along with Naeem Chakar while returning back from Germany. He remained in the illegal custody of security forces for almost 2 years. He was never produced in the court nor charged with any illegal offence. Naeem Chakar’s whereabouts are still unknown. Anwar Jumma and Dad Jan are also

Waseem Jalal

released, abducted by forces 2 years ago. They are residents of Kulbar and Buleda, District Kech respectively.


Bilal Qadir Bakhsh, 12, a resident of Parom, Panjgur was abducted by forces on February 10. He is the fourth

student, abducted by forces in this month. On February 12, forces abduct 8 people from district Kech and Panjgur. 4 people, Imran Faqeer Jan, Waseem Jalal, Nadeem Haji Saleem and Yasir are abducted from Alandoor Buleda while Abdul Haq s/o Muhammad Hassan and Yaseen Murad are abducted from Balgathar, District Panjgur.



On February 14, 2 students Farooq Mullah Hameed and Hamza Saleh Muhammad are abducted by

Left to Right: Hamza Saleh and Farooq Hameed Photo: Humgaam News

forces in a military raid in Kahn Posht, Turbat. Farooq works in a medical store while Hamza repairs motorcycles to bear their education’s expenses.






Apart from these, Ayaz Naguman, a gatekeeper was also abducted from Ward No.1, Pasni.

Ayaz Naguman


Security forces in Balochistan are absolved from all laws. The people are left on the mercy of security forces. The people from all field of lives are affected equally and no one feels safe anymore.