Balochistan: 32 people forcibly disappeared including a doctor, a teacher, and 5 students in two weeks.

In first two weeks of April 2018, 32 people were forcibly disappeared while 18 were extrajudicially executed.


Enforced disappeared persons include a doctor, a teacher, and five students.


At least seven persons were killed in two separate firing incidents in different localities of Quetta city on Monday 2 April 2018. They include 4 members of the Christian community, killed in a firing incident in Shah Zaman road, Quetta.

Saleem Murad. Photo: Ashob



The minorities in Balochistan always come under attack of religious extremists. The government is failed to provide security to the religious minorities. Although there are check posts and military patrolling in all over Quetta, still the extremists carried out attacks and succeed in escaping from the site.


In December last year, in a suicide attack on Bethel Memorial Church, nine people were killed and

30 injured


On April 2, in another incident, a 14-year-old Student, Saleem Murad was abducted by security forces from Koar-e-Posht Buleda. His brother, Haneef Baloch was extrajudicially executed by forces, two years ago.

Amanat Hasrat. Photo: Sangar News



On April 3, Amanat Hasrat was forcibly disappeared from Ahmedwal check post on his return to home from Islamabad. He is a resident of Kharan and a well-known poet. He is a student at Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad.



A teacher, Abdul Razzaq s/o Dad Muhammad went for Friday prayers in Nowano, Zamuran on April

Abdul Razzaq Dad Muhammad. Photo: BHRO

5, 2018, and never return back. His family claimed that he was abducted by Frontier Corps, a paramilitary force operating in Balochistan and is granted police authorities.



On April 6, forces raided a house in Singabad, Tijaban in District Kech and forcibly disappeared 3 persons namely; Hassan Dur Muhammad, Qambar Murad, and Majeed Saleem. Hassan was shot a bullet in his leg and forces whisked him away wounded. He and Qambar Murad are working in Dubai and came to visit his family a few days before.



In another incident on the same day, forces raided a house in Menaz Buleda, District Kech, tortured people, looted all the valuables from the house and abduct a student namely Kamran Noor Bakhsh.

Kamran Noor Bakhsh. Photo: Ashob News


Haneef Aslam and Naeem Baloch, residents of Khairabad, district Kech were forcibly disappeared by unknown gunmen on April 7. It is believed that they are abducted by state-sponsored death squads. These death squads are present in the majority of districts of Balochistan. They carry out attacks on political and human rights activist, abduct people for ransom and execute activist on the orders of their sponsors.

On 8 April 2018, security forces forcibly disappeared Younus Shambay, a resident of Bal Negwar Dasht.

Sana s/o Khair Jan was arrested and disappeared by forces in a military operation in Solair Tubah Pashtok district Panjgur. Forces raided his house, tortured the family members of Sana, looted valuables, and whisked him away.


Sana Khair Jan. Photo: Ashob News



On 12, April forces conducted a military operation in Washuk and whisked away Khuda Nazar and Eidoo.


In another incident on 12 April, forces bombed Sangsila Dera Bugti in which 4 people died including

a woman, Duri Bugti.




On April 13, 2018, forces carried out a military operation on Jan Muhammad Bazar, District Kech and forcibly disappeared Hammal Ahmed, Tariq Wali Muhammad, Jabir Rasheed, Shaho Sayad

Tariq Wali Muhammad. Photo: Ashob News

Mohammad, and Mohsin Miya. Their whereabouts are still unknown.