Balochistan: Contaminated water claims 8 lives, forces killed 5, abducted 45 people.

Security forces in Pakistan have been accused of killing five people and abducting 45 others from different areas of Balochistan in the last 20 days.

Thousands of Baloch activists, students, writers and human rights campaigners have fell prey to enforced disappearances since 2004 when armed forced launched counterinsurgency operation in the war-torn region to curb a separatist movement. Hundreds have been killed since 2009 when the military began to dump bullet-riddled bodies of previously missing persons.

On May 1, 2018, paramilitary Frontier Corps (FC) personnel raided a house in Turbat, district Kech, tortured women and children, and abducted Bakhtiyar Bhaiyaan and Gohram Wahid Bakhsh. They are residents of Kolwa.

Early morning on May 3, forces abducted three people, including two brothers, from Bal, Hoshab.  They are identified as Shahal Karim Dad, Rustum Karim Dad and Noor Bakhsh Sher Muhammad. Soldiers also took away valuables from the houses during the raid.

On May 5, the mutilated body of Azeem Dad Shah was recovered from Hub, district Lasbela. Azeem was forcibly disappeared by security forces from the Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, on April 25, 2016. He was a resident of Malar Awaran.

Azeem Dad Shah Photo: Ashoob News

Ten people were abducted from Dasht in a two-day military operation from May 7 to 8. Zahid Abid was abducted from Rind Bazar on May 7. Eight others were abducted from Bahoot Chat, Sibdan and Mazan Band Dasht, district Kech on May 8. They included Akram Sayyad, Mulla Bashir Karim Bakhsh, Jahanzaib Akram and Khalil Umeed Ali. Two brothers, Nadil Rahim Bakhsh and Shakil Rahim Bakhsh, were abducted along with Wahid Jalai from Sibdan. Khuda Bakhsh and Yasin were abducted from Mayan Band.

Meanwhile, on May 9, security forces and members of a local death squad jointly raided the house of Rasool Bakhsh in Zehri, district Khuzdar, and abducted his two young sons, Abdullah and Sher Ahmed.

Abdullah and Sher Ahmed Photo: BRP Media Cell

On May 14, security forces conducted pre-dawn raids in Tump, district Kech and abducted five people namely, Ejaz Pir Bakhsh, Munab Barkat, Bahad Aziz, Idrees Hussain and Muhammad Bakhsh.

On May 14, Abdin Aslam was whisked away from a check-post around Balgatar, Turbat.
Lal Bakhsh Qadir Bakhsh, Ghafoor Abdul Qadir, Karim Sufi, Qadeer Barkat and Issa Fateh Muhammad were abducted from Malar, Awaran, on May 16, 2018.

Meanwhile, eight people have lost their lives in Tadanch village of district Awaran after consuming contaminated water. At least 120 people have been transferred to the Jam Ghulam Qadir Hospital in Hub Chowki with serious health complaints. Dozens of people are in critical condition due to lack of medical facilities. Bori Gul Dad, Mariyum Ahmed, Sumari Abdul Rehman, Ganj Bakhsh Ismail, Jado Badal, Daud Badal and Shahr Bano Qasim are among the dead.

Affectees of Tadanch. Photo: BHRO