Balochistan: 14 people forcibly disappeared, 13 killed, 8 villages were burnt down into ashes

The human rights situation in Balochistan remains traumatic. The state’s widespread policy of using excessive force has become the major cause of human rights violations. Enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, enforced displacement of inhabitants, depriving abductees of fair trial and detaining them in undisclosed locations is continued and on the other side silence of government is worrisome.


In the first 2 weeks of June, 14 people are forcibly disappeared while 8 villages of Awaran are burnt down and residents are forced to resettle near army camps.


According to details, on June 5, 2018, security forces carried out a massive military operation in district Awaran and burnt down 8 villages namely, Gwash, Kadkor, Mehrab Methag, Gwash Pelar, Mohammad Raheem Methag, Gwash Gotohi, Kamash Noor Bakhsh Methag and Zando Nel Taki Methag, vastly located in the mountainous areas of Awaran. Forces shifted all the residents, mostly women and children to Ahori military camp. They were brutally tortured due to which a woman, Jumaiyati got critically injured. Later, after three days of detention, all the detainees were released on the condition to dwell near the military camp.


Apart from these, 13 people were killed in separate incidents across Balochistan. Kahri Marri was killed along with two sons, Najeeb and Tufail during forces raid on his house in Kahan, district Kohlu on June 5, 2018. Separately on June 7, 2018, unknown militants opened fire on a police van in Quetta resulted into death of Saeed Ahmed Langove.


On the brighter side, 41 people were released in two weeks. Many of them were in the detention of forces for years without ever being trailed. For last many years, forces are involved in the abduction of activists, detain them for an unknown period of time without providing them with the constitutional right of defending themselves. No one has been held accountable so far for these abductions and extrajudicial executions of activists.


Law and enforcement agencies are committing serious human rights violations and are involved in violations of the rights of citizens enshrined in the constitution of Pakistan. It is evitable for the government to take measures for the protection of people’s rights and freedom.