Bi-Annual Report 2018: The State of Balochistan’s Human Rights.

Balochistan: January to June 2018


Human rights situation in Balochistan has set alarm bells ringing for human rights activists as enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings continue for the last many years. International media and human rights bodies have been denied access to the affected areas while increasing number of former victims are coming out to blame Pakistan’s military for human rights violations.


In the southwestern part, Pakistan is facing an insurgency. There are many armed nationalist groups who believe the Islamabad government is exploiting the natural resources of their land and ignoring the indigenous people in any kind of development process.


The conflict turned violent in the early 2000’s when the military adopted a policy of extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances to stifle the separatist movement.



Enforced Disappearances:


Most of the cases of enforced disappearances go unnoticed, as family members of the victims are threatened to keep quiet if they wanted their loved ones back. Families have previously tried local remedies such as police or judiciary but to no avail, as the powerful military is not accountable to any institution in Pakistan.



We have received partial details of 485 cases of enforced disappearances during the first half of the year. Most of the reported cases belong to four out of 32 districts of Balochistan. In the majority of cases, the persons were picked up by security forces from their homes, in front of the entire families and villagers. Normally, the security forces come and siege the villages for hours, search the houses, take all men along with the valuables and leave. In some cases, the military has burnt the houses and entire villages, especially in Awaran district of Balochistan.


Some of the recent cases are:


  1. Asim Amin:

Mr. Asim Amin, a sixteen years old boy who was picked up by Frontier Corps, a paramilitary force of Pakistan, on 4th March

2018 in Turbat town of Balochistan. Asim was picked up in front of the public during a festival, Makkurán Mela, which was organized by the military in full security.


  1. Imdad:


In April, 22 years old Imdad Ghaus Baksh was abducted from Gramkan, district Panjgur. A group of armed men affiliated with a local “death squad” allegedly sponsored by the military is said to be behind Imdad’s abduction.


Imdad is the nephew of advocate Kachkol Ali, an ex-minister, former opposition leader of Balochistan Assembly and a senior member of the Baloch National Movement (BNM), a nationalist party which campaigns for the right to self-determination for the people of Balochistan.



  1. Abdul Hai Kurd:


Mr. Abdul Hai son of Jumma Kurd was abducted by security forces on 21 May 2018 and is still missing. He was sitting in KohBaash restaurant when two Vigo pick-ups with more than 20 army personnel accompanied by intelligence agencies, encircled the restaurant and took Abdul Hai with them. Abdul Hai was blindfolded and his hands tied before being escorted to one of the waiting pick-ups. Aged 35, he was a farmer and was the only supporting member of a large family already devastated by the previously enforced disappearances.





Extrajudicial killings:


There was hardly a week, where the security forces haven’t claimed to kill some ‘terrorist’ in Balochistan. However, the main targets remained innocent civilians. It shows that the security forces were either not able to differentiate the civilians from armed persons, or did it for any other reason.


144 persons were reportedly killed, mainly in four districts of Balochistan, Kech, Gwadar, Panjgur, and Awaran. In the rest of the 28 districts, we could not confirm reports due to lack of access.


There have been dozens of cases in which security forces killed the person who was in their custody, threw their dead bodies and claimed encounter.


Some are listed here, which our sources have confirmed:


  1. Noor Ahmed (master):


Noor Ahmed, a schoolteacher by profession, was extrajudicially killed and his dead body dumped in Mirabad area of Tump district Kech, Balochistan, on Tuesday.

He is a resident of Pollábád, Tump district Kech, and is the uncle of Karima Baloch, chairperson of BSO-Azad, who is in exile in Canada for last two years.

He was abducted on 28 July 2016, by personnel of Frontier Corps, a paramilitary force blamed for the enforced disappearance and extrajudicial killing of the political activists, educationists, and intellectuals in Balochistan.

There were around a dozen other passengers in the vehicle from which he was taken away. When their vehicle reached at Ghinna check post, around 40 KM away from Turbat city while going back home from Turbat, the vehicle was stopped by security forces and everyone was asked for the NIC (National Identity Cards). He was dragged out and taken away after the confirmation of his identity.

The tortured body of Mr. Noor Ahmed was found dumped in Meerabad area of Tump, district Kech on 2 January 2018.


  1. Maher Ali:

Sindh Rangers killed Mr, Maher Ali, an IDP of Balochistan, who was living in Karachi, the capital city of Sindh, on 13 March 2018 in a fake encounter.


Mr. Maher was a resident of district Awaran in Balochistan. Awaran is perhaps the area where most military operations occur with more intensity than other areas of Balochistan. In many operations, military uses gunship helicopters and fire mortars on mountainous villages in Awaran. Maher Ali and his family left their native village and lived in Karachi after his father Mayar was killed in their native village in 2006. Maher stopped his education and started working to feed his family.


His mother said in a video statement that Sindh Rangers picked him up from the house on 14 November 2016. “They said they will release him after some investigations. When it took longer, we filed a case in Sindh High Court. We appealed to the authorities through media, court and all means we could”, says Ms. Mah Bibi, the mother of Maher Ali.



  1. Azim Dad, the resident of Malar, district Awaran, was found dumped on a roadside in Hub Chowki, district Lasbella, on 05 May 2018. He was abducted by security forces on 25 April 2016 from Jinnah International Airport Karachi.


  1. Ghulam Qadir Dilshad and Akram Muhammad Issa died in the helicopter shelling during a military operation in Soler, district Washuk on March 24, while two mutilated bodies were recovered in March.


  1. Rafiq s/o Rozi mutilated body was recovered from Mochko, Karachi. He was abducted 2 years ago by security forces. His body bears several signs of torture on his body.
  2. The mutilated body of Sanaullah s/o Ghulam Qadir, a resident of Jhal Magsi was recovered from Mastung. The cause of his death is yet to be found.
  3. The mutilated body of Battey s/o Naik Muhammad, the resident of Jhao, Awaran was recovered on January 4, 2018. Battey was kidnapped on December 29, 2017, along with his father, Naik Muhammad. His father is still in the custody of forces.


  1. Nazgul:


A five-month pregnant woman, Ms. Nazgul is taken away by the Pakistan military from Besima, Balochistan, died in custody of security forces on 6 April 2018.

Paramilitary Frontier Corps picked up 19 locals, including women and children, in the Besima’s Raghai area in December 2017.

They had been initially taken to the military camp in Mashkay, but later handed over to the military-backed tribal chief, Ali Haider Mohammed Hasni, who kept them hostage at a property owned by him.

Ali Haider’s guards forced Nazgul and other prisoners to work as household servants. Guards refused to call medical help as her symptoms grew fatal.

Nazgul Mohammad Iqbal was pregnant when taken into custody. She died on 6 April 2018, after showing symptoms of pregnancy-related complications.




 Families of missing persons:

  1. Jumma Kurd:

In the month of May, amongst the forcibly disappeared persons include Mr. Jumma Khan Kurd’s son, Abdul Hai Kurd, who was whisked away by the security forces from Mach town on 21st May.


Mr. Jumma Khan himself is not new to the experience of waiting for a loved one who is forcibly disappeared. His another son, Ali Sher Kurd, an accomplished lawyer and a columnist were forcibly disappeared in September 2010. His bullet-riddled body was found dumped in Khuzdar on 24 September 2010. Shortly after receiving his son’s dead body, Mr. Jumma Khan’s three nephews, Ali Jan Kurd, Mumtaz Kurd and Liaquat Kurd were forcibly disappeared. Ali Jan and Mumtaz were both tortured to death and their bodies were thrown in Quetta city. Liaquat Kurd was released later after severe tortures and he is mentally unstable since then. He still suffers from long-term physical and psychological repercussions.


Mr. Jumma Khan never received any official news of his sons and nephews when they were disappeared in the past. And now, the whereabouts and conditions of his son, Abdul Hai are not being revealed to him despite his various pleadings with different officials.


Mr. Jumma neither went to the police nor using any other way to get his son, Abdul Hai, as he already exhausted all the local remedies two times before. In both cases, any remedy did not work.


  1. Ganjal wife of abducted Safar:


The case of Mr. Safar, a person forcibly disappeared by the military in 2013, came into light when his wife, Ganjal died on 2 June 2018. Mr. Safar, 24, was abducted by security forces from his house in Hub town of district Lasbela on 24 October 2013, in front of the entire family, after six months into their marriage. Miss Ganjal tried to resist the army personnel, but they were strong enough to shove her away with the butt of their gun.


The couple was resident of Labaach, Awaran of Balochistan. Their families left the village and shifted to Hub town, as there were continuous military operations in the area.


Miss Ganjal ran and knocked every door to get a news of her husband. She gradually became a patient of anxiety, hypertension after feeling helpless.


The doctors knew her mental condition but could not find a cure. She suffered from an illness nearly all relatives of enforced disappeared persons suffer. When the medicaments failed to cure her, they tried counselling. However, counselling helps only temporarily. So, Ganjal had her last anxiety attack on 2 June 2018 without knowing where Safar is.






Forced evacuation of villages:


The military has escalated search operations in many areas, forcing people to vacate their villages and settle around the larger military camps, in tehsils of district headquarters. The military has burnt dozens of huts (houses of the villagers) in the mountainous areas. Dozens of such settlements have been forcefully evacuated in district Awaran of Balochistan, where 118,173 people live on 12,510 sq km land with a population density of 4 persons per sq km.

  1. “Sixty years old F (name is not revealed for security reasons) along with his 15 members family is a victim of such forced IDPs in the region. He is a farmer, owning an agriculture land with more than a hundred date trees and more than two hundred trees of mangoes. He and his family worked on his land to eke a living. He is also a sheep farmer, owning dozens of goats.

He, his wife, sons and daughters, sons- and daughters-in-law, and grandchildren lived in the town near the military’s camp. They all were displaced in recent evacuations.


  1. 50 years old M (name held) opened his eyes with the sound of military boots at around 04:00 local time. Before he was fully awake, he felt heavy boots pressing against his body. All the men in his family were tortured till dawn when they were lined up in the center of the village along with other men of the village. All of them were once again kicked and punched and beaten with sticks, insulted and abused. Finally, the military announced its ultimatum to leave their houses at the earliest and to shift M’s village in district Awaran. More than a dozen families are living a miserable life in the new place without any help.


Many such families are being kept in the illegal detention of local armed tribal leaders aligned with the military. The persons are forced to do domestic chores in return for bread. They don’t have access to medical assistance if required.


We have received seven cases of forced evacuation in the month of June 2018 only. While the rest of the cases are to be documented. We are aware of dozens of such cases in the year 2018.


Persecution of women and children:


Miss Shazia Qadir Bakhsh, Nazia Qadir Bakhsh, Hawa Khuda Bakhsh, Shah Gul Khuda Bakhsh, Farida Hashim were abducted by security forces from their houses in Rakhshan, district Awaran on 4 June 2018. They were kept in military camps for almost a week and later released. They are still afraid to talk of it. They kept weeping days and nights when they came back. They refuse to tell the story of what had happened to them in the military camp.


Ms. Gul Bano and Ms. Saima Anis were picked up by security forces from their house on 27 June 2018. They are residents of Kohado village of Jhau, district Awaran. They were kept in military camp for three days and then released. One of Ms. Samia Anis’s cousins said she has marks of torture on her body but she does not want to talk what they have been through in the military camp.


More than a dozen ladies and children are in illegal detention of Sardar Ali Haidar Mohammad Hasni, in Mashkay area of district Awaran. They were abducted by security forces from Raghai area of Besima in December 2017. They were kept in the military camp in Mashkay for some time and were later kept in Mohammad Hasni’s house. The house is being used as the detention center. Ali Haidar is well known for its connection with military and has been involved in the killing of the political workers in the region.


Ms. Jamila Swali, a resident of Hoshab district Kech was shot killed by unknown gunmen in her house on 1 April 2018. Children say some masked men broke into their house, dragged their mother out and opened fire. She died on spot.


Another lady, Bilqis, a schoolteacher was shot killed in Dasht area of district Kech in May 2018. The reasons and the killers remained unknown in both cases, Jamila and Bilqis.




Remedies and Local Justice System:



  1. Miss Zahra Mehrab went to Turbat Police Station to lodge the FIR (First Information Report) against the forcible disappearance of her uncle, Noor Ahmad.

Noor Ahmed was teacher and resident of Phulabad, Tump district Kech. He was the uncle of Karima Baloch, the chairperson of Baloch Students Organization. Mr. Noor Ahmed was abducted by the Security Forces on 26 July 2016 while he was travelling back to his home from Turbat. The other passengers in the van witnessed his abduction when the van was stopped at Ginah Frontier Corps check post and all the passengers’ ID cards were checked. After confirming the identity of Noor Ahmed, he was blindfolded and offloaded from the vehicle.

Turbat police refused to lodge the FIR against the security forces, saying they only may register the case if Ms. Zahra says her uncle was abducted by unknown gunmen, not FC (Frontier Corps, a paramilitary force responsible for the enforced disappearance and extrajudicial killings in Balochistan).

She then approached Human Rights Commission of Pakistan’s coordinator for Turbat task force. Mr. Professor Ghani Parwaz, the novelist, critic of Balochi language, professor in Turbat University and the coordinator of HRCP accompanied her to the police station.

“Police further terrorized the family by saying ‘if you launch a case against FC, it would put your self and the rest of your family at risk. You know FC won’t listen to anyone. They will release him when they want’ they say’, said Mr. Parwaz when we called him for an update.

Miss Zahra, then travelled more than 700 KM to Quetta, the capital of Balochistan and submitted an application in Balochistan High Court.

The remedies and the judicial system remained quiet till the tortured body of Mr. Noor Ahmed was found dumped in Meerabad, Tump district Kech on 2 January 2018.

  1. In another case, Ms. Mah Bibi, mother of Maher Ali, approached all the police stations, Sindh High Court to get the news of her abducted son who was abducted by Sindh Rangers on 14 November 2016. Rangers picked him up from the house when Maher was sleeping. All the family witnessed the abduction.

The family is basically from Balochistan and migrated to Karachi to avoid the risks and threats of constant military operations in their village in Awaran.

Mah Bibi tried to lodge the FIR against the disappearance of her son, police in Karachi refused. She then filed a case in Sindh High Court and approached media to publish and highlight the issue.

The court remained quiet until her son was killed by Sindh Rangers in a fake encounter on 13 March 2018.


This happens with every family, if they wish to try the remedies, Pakistan has promised to have formed in all the state party reports submitted with Treaty Bodies of the conventions it has signed and ratified.



Released Victims:


187 previously abducted and disappeared persons were released in the first half of this year. They were illegally detained by security forces and remained in their custody. None of them was ever trialled nor was they presented in any court. The reappeared persons include the people who were disappeared before 3/5 years. Most of them reappeared with long bear and a shaved moustache, which shows an institutionalized Islamization of the person in the torture cell during their disappearance.


It is a positive step that some people are released but there are still thousands of people in the illegal custody of forces who are deprived of their constitutional right of hiring a lawyer and defending themselves. We have serious concerns about their lives and well being.


This report is researched and issued by Baloch Human Rights Organization and Human Rights Council of Balochistan.





Victims of enforced disappearance

S. No.NameF. NameGenderAddressDate of Abduction (mm/dd/yy)
1Mama BahadMuhammad BakhshMaleKonshkalat, Tump, District Kech06/30/18
2KhalilRasool BakhshMaleKonshkalat, Tump, District Kech06/30/18
3Master UmerHaji Dur MuhammadMaleGebun, District Kech06/29/18
4SajidUmerMaleGebun, District Kech06/29/18
5IltafAyazMaleGebun, District Kech06/29/18
6Shay HaqGhaniMaleGebun, District Kech06/29/18
7SanaullahMaleSingabad, Tijaban, District Kech06/29/18
8AmirKarim BakhshMaleKoh e Posht, Mand, District Kech06/29/18
9Jan MuhammadPindagMaleBazdad, Awaran, District Awaran06/27/18
10UzairWahid BakhshMaleGebun, District Kech06/27/18
11BadalRafiqMaleGebun, District Kech06/27/18
12WaseemRafiqMaleGebun, District Kech06/27/18
13PirjanBashirMaleGebun, District Kech06/27/18
14RahmatUmeethanMaleGebun, District Kech06/27/18
15SabirDoshambayMaleGebun, District Kech06/27/18
16MajidRahmdilMaleKorjo, Tump, District Kech06/26/18
17Issa KararJan MuhammadMaleDandal, Shapok, District Kech06/26/18
18TariqPir MuhammadMaleSari Shapok, District Kech06/26/18
19Noor MuhammadMiskaanMaleSari Shapok District Kech06/26/18
20SameerBashirMaleSari Shapok District Kech06/26/18
21MiskaanMaleSari Shapok District Kech06/26/18
22ChakarMaleJiwani, District Gwadar06/26/18
23AhsanMaleKuldan, Jiwani, District Gwadar06/26/18
24SanaMaleDazin, Tump, District Kech06/23/18
25Meer JanKamalanMaleDazin, Tump, District Kech06/23/18
26SalehKamalanMaleDazin, Tump, District Kech06/23/18
27AmirHamidMaleGoburd, Mand, District Kech06/23/18
28UmeetMolloMaleJat, Kolwah, District Awaran06/22/18
29Khuda BakhshLashkariMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
30ZaffarKhuda BakhshMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
31Syed MuhamamdAllah BakhshMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
32RahmatullahKhiar JanMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
33Ghulam MuhammadEid MuhammadMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
34ShakoorGhulam MuhammadMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
35Najib7/22/18MaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
36JalalAllah BakhshMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
37RahmatullahDin MuhammadMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
38HameedRahmatullahMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
39ObaidRahmatullahMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
40Muhammad ShareefEidoMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
41Dad MuhammadNaibMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
42Karim DadSher MuhammadMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
43HussainAslamMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
44SowaliMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
45Sher MuhammadMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
46Jan MuhammadMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
47Ali AhmedMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
48ShareefMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
49AminMaleAllangi, Mashkai, District Awaran06/22/18
50AbdostMiyyaMaleGuburd, Mand, District Kech06/22/18
51MajidImam BakhshMaleGuburd, Mand, District Kech06/22/18
52Muhammad HussainMehmoodMaleSholeeg, Dasht, District Kech06/21/18
53NadeemShahdadMaleTalsar, Hoshab, District Kech06/21/18
54HassanRagamMaleSingabad, Tijaban, District Kech06/19/18
55HussainMaleHirronk, District Kech06/19/18
56SabirMaleHirronk, District Kech06/19/18
57HassanRagamMaleSingabad, Tijaban, District Kech06/19/18
58Abdul RaufHayatanMaleSahiji, Dasht, District Kech06/19/18
59Abdul SattarHaji Noor MuhammadMaleSahiji, Dasht, District Kech06/19/18
60Ghulam HussainShugrullahMaleSoro, Mand, District Kech06/18/18
61FidaShugrullahMaleSoro, Mand, District Kech06/18/18
62AkhtarMuhammad YousifMaleSoro, Mand, District Kech06/18/18
63Imam BakhshDost MuhammadMaleJan Muhammad Bazar, Dasht, District Kech06/15/18
64HidayatFateh MuhammadMaleSholeeg, Dasht, District Kech06/15/18
65SagheerBashirMaleMenaz, Buleda, District Kech06/10/18
66LiaquatBashamMaleDazen, Kolwah, District Awaran06/10/18
67WalliaDaddi BakhshMaleHazar Ganji, Quetta, District Quetta06/09/18
68Moj AliTangaiMaleHazar Ganji, Quetta, District Quetta06/09/18
69KhanJan MuhammadMaleGomazi, Tump, District Kech06/09/18
70HaleemJummaMaleRek Bazar, Mand, District Kech06/07/18
71WahidNusratMaleRek Bazar, Mand, District Kech06/07/18
72Wajo HussainJummaMaleRek Bazar, Mand, District Kech06/07/18
73QayumSaeed MuhammadMaleRek Bazar, Mand, District Kech06/07/18
74HanifQaiser SanjaraniMaleChakul, Panjgur, District Panjgur06/07/18
75MohsinMussaMaleQazi Methag, Gwadar, District Gwadar06/05/18
76Faisal SheikhMaleQuetta, District Quetta06/04/18
77SaleemWashdilMaleBazdad Gawash, Awaran, District Awaran06/03/18
78DeedagAliMaleBazdad Gawash, Awaran, District Awaran06/03/18
79AbdiMuhammad UmerMalePishukan, District Gwadar06/03/18
80NaseemMuhammed Karim SanjraniMaleRish Pesh, Paroom, District Panjgur05/31/18
81FarooqMuhammed Karim SanjraniMaleRish Pesh, Paroom, District Panjgur05/31/18
82Lal JanSeth GangoMaleLal Bazar, Jahoo, District Awaran05/31/18
83Khan JanSeth GangoMaleLal Bazar, Jahoo, District Awaran05/31/18
84Pir JanMaleLal Bazar, Jahoo, District Awaran05/31/18
85ArifUmer JanMaleJaori, Gichk, District Panjgor05/25/18
86Siraj SanjaraniImam ud Deen SanjaraniMaleKallag, Panjgur, District Pangur05/25/18
87LiaquatDad MuhammedMaleGoshandar, Buleda, District Kech05/24/18
88ShaukatDad MuhammadMaleGoshandar, Buleda, District Kech05/24/18
89Shah Murad BugtiMaleMir Hassan, Naseerabad, District Naseerabad05/24/18
90Rozi BugtiMaleMir Hassan, Naseerabad, District Naseerabad05/24/18
91FerozQasimMaleAbsar, Turbat, Distict Kech05/23/18
92Babo ChiragGhulam SarwarMaleJewani, District Gwadar05/23/18
93AzeemEidoMaleJewani, District Gwadar05/23/18
94MaqsoodKareem Dad, MasterMaleMashkai, District Awaran05/23/18
95Abdul Hai KurdJumma KhanMaleMach, District Bolan05/21/18
96SirajGohramMaleWard No 6, Pasni, District Gwadar05/17/18
97Chakar MengalAkbarMaleWard No 6, Pasni, District Gwadar05/17/18
98AnwarKhalilMaleGomazi Tump, District Kech05/17/18
99MerajAbdullahMaleGomazi Tump, District Kech05/17/18
100Noor BakhshAhmedMaleTeertej Gowash, District Awaran05/17/18
101HuzoorMaleDuraski, Awaran, District Awaran05/17/18
102AbdinAslamMaleSari Gadagi Balgatar, District Panjgur05/15/18
103NizamPir BakhshMaleShapuk, District Kech05/15/18
104FazalShahdadMaleGwarkop, District Kech05/14/18
105KhalidGhulam RasoolMalePanodi, Dasht, District Kech05/13/18
106AmjidAhmedMaleZarren Bug Dasht, District Kech05/13/18
107SharifDil MuradMaleHoorr, Dasht, District Kech05/13/18
108Abdul GhaniNoor BakhshMaleGwadar, District Gwadar05/10/18
109AbdullahGhulam RasoolMaleMash Noor Gama, Zehri, District Khuzdar05/09/18
110Sher AhmedGhulam RasoolMaleMash Noor Gama, Zehri, District Khuzdar05/09/18
111WahidJalaiMaleSibdan, Dasht, District Kech05/08/18
112AkramSaeedMaleBahot Chat, Dash, District Kech05/08/18
113Bashir, MullaKarim BakhshMaleBahot Chat, Dash, District Kech05/08/18
114NadilRahim BakhshMaleSibdan, Dasht, District Kech05/08/18
115ShakilRahim BakhshMaleSibdan, Dasht, District Kech05/08/18
116Khuda Bakhsh, HajiMaleMazanband, Dasht, District Kech05/08/18
117YasinMaleMazanband, Dasht, District Kech05/08/18
118ImranSattarMaleAsiabad, Tump, District Kech05/04/18
119JavidDad RehmanMaleKonshkalat, Tump, District Kech05/04/18
120ShafiqDur MuhammadMaleKonshkalat, Tump, District Kech05/04/18
121ShahalKarim DadMaleBal Tank, Hoshab, District Kech05/03/18
122RustumKarim DadMaleBal Tank, Hoshab, District Kech05/03/18
123Noor BakhshSher MuhammadMaleBal Tank, Hoshab, District Kech05/03/18
124AzumKamalanMaleBeront, Keelkor, District Panjgur05/02/18
125BakhtiarBhaiyanMaleTanzila, Kolwah, District Kech05/01/18
126GohramWahid BakhshMaleShapkol, District Kech05/01/18
127MehrabRazaiMaleSari Kallag, Gwarkop, District Kech04/30/18
128ArifMuhibullahMaleSari Kallag, Gwarkop, District Kech04/30/18
129BarkatAzumMaleGarrey Cher, Buleda, District Kech04/30/18
130MuslimMuhammadMaleGarrey Cher, Buleda, District Kech04/30/18
131MutalibMuhammadMaleGarrey Cher, Buleda, District Kech04/30/18
132SayakkiKhuda BakhshMaleShadi Kaur, Pasni, District Gwadar04/29/18
133QadeerMussaMaleDuraski Choko, Awaran, District Awaran04/29/18
134AsadAllah DadMaleDuraski Choko, Awaran, District Awaran04/29/18
135NizamKhuda BakshMaleDuraski Choko, Awaran, District Awaran04/29/18
136Mullah BarkatGhulam QadirMaleRunjan, Mashkai, District Mashkai04/28/18
137MohsinJumayatMalePaddi Sir, Gwadar, District Gwadar04/28/18
138HakeemWali MuhammadMaleDrachko, Dasht, District Kech04/28/18
139HanifDad MuhammadMalePanodi, Dasht, District Kech04/28/18
140SaddamIsmailMalePanodi, Dasht, District Kech04/28/18
141FazalPir JanMaleJohi Jhao, District Awaran04/28/18
142UzmanAbdul WahidMaleDrachko, Dasht, District Kech04/27/18
143Wahid BakhshNoordinMaleGodirr, Gwarkop, District Kech04/26/18
144Allah BakhshZabadMaleShadi Kaur, Pasni, District Gwadar04/26/18
145YousufSakhiMaleDarmakol, Pidrak, District Kech04/25/18
146Abdul GhaniAmeenMaleLoop, Balgathar, District Panjgur04/25/18
147Muhammad IshaqMuhammad UmerMaleLoop, Balgathar, District Panjgur04/25/18
148SadamMalePanodi, Dasht, District Kech04/24/18
149HanifDad MuhammadMalePanodi, Dasht, District Kech04/24/18
150Imam DadGos BakhshMalePanjgur, District Panjgur04/24/18
151BilalMaleQuetta, District Quetta04/23/18
152Faiz JanMaleHirronk, District Kech04/21/18
153Muhammad JanMaleHirronk, District Kech04/21/18
154SadiqBahramMaleGwash, Paroom, District Panjgur04/20/18
155AsadDil MuradMaleUmri Kahn, Turbat, District Kech04/19/18
156Sher JanSal MuhammadMalePeerandar, Awaran, District Awaran04/19/18
157Muhammad BakshAnwarMalePeerandar, Awaran, District Awaran04/19/18
158FazulWahidMalePeerandar, Awaran, District Awaran04/19/18
159IbrahimAbdul RahimMaleHoor Shooli, Dasht, District Kech04/19/18
160ZakirMuhammad KarimMaleKashap, Dasht, District Kech04/18/18
161HatirBakhtiarMaleSingabad, Tijaban, District Kech04/17/18
162SanaullahRaheemMaleKashap, Dasht, District Kech04/17/18
163CharshambayMuhammad BakhshMaleSingabad, Tijaban, District Kech04/15/18
164DilshadBohairMaleSingabad, Tijaban, District Kech04/15/18
165SakhiKarim BakshMaleSingabad, Tijaban, District Kech04/15/18
166SabzalMeeranMaleSingabad, Tijaban, District Kech04/15/18
167LiaquatHussainMaleBeront Balghatar District Panjgur04/15/18
168BeebagarHussainMaleBeront Balghatar District Panjgur04/15/18
169AhmedDur MuhammadMaleBeront Balghatar District Panjgur04/15/18
170LatifHussainMaleBeront Balghatar District Panjgur04/15/18
171HashumHussainMaleBeront Balghatar District Panjgur04/15/18
172Nabi DadHussainMaleBeront Balghatar District Panjgur04/15/18
173AzeemMurad BakshMaleBeront Balghatar District Panjgur04/15/18
174HamzaHussainMaleBeront Balghatar District Panjgur04/15/18
175MunirBaydadMaleBeront Balghatar District Panjgur04/15/18
176ShahiBaiyaanMaleSingabad, Tijaban, District Kech04/15/18
177GazeerBaiyaanMaleSingabad, Tijaban, District Kech04/15/18
178IssaWaitMaleSahaki, Balgathar, District Kech04/15/18
179HammalAhmedMaleJan Muhammad, Dasht, District Kech04/13/18
180TariqWali MuhammadMaleJan Muhammad, Dasht, District Kech04/13/18
181JabirRasheedMaleJan Muhammad, Dasht, District Kech04/13/18
182ShahoSayad MuhammadMaleJan Muhammad, Dasht, District Kech04/13/18
183MohsinMiyaMaleJan Muhammad, Dasht, District Kech04/13/18
184Khuda NazarMaleWashuk, District Washuk04/12/18
185EidooMaleWashuk, District Washuk04/12/18
186HatimMurad BakhshMaleBeront Balghatar District Panjgur04/11/18
187MaqboolMurad BakhshMaleBeront Balghatar District Panjgur04/11/18
188AzimMurad BakhshMaleBeront Balghatar District Panjgur04/11/18
189Shah JanBabo Abdul SamadMaleWashbood, Panjgur, District Panjgur04/10/18
190AbdullahHidayatMaleJan Muhammad, Dasht, District Kech04/09/18
191WarisGhafoorMaleJan Muhammad, Dasht, District Kech04/09/18
192QasumSwal JanMaleUmri Kahn, Turbat, District Kech04/09/18
193JalalMurad AliMaleUmri Kahn, Turbat, District Kech04/09/18
194Sana JanKhair JanMaleSoler, Tobah Pashtkoh, District Washuk04/08/18
195YounusShambayMaleBal Negwar, Dasht, District Kech04/08/18
196HaneefAslamMaleKhairabad, District Kech04/07/18
197Naeem BalochMaleKhairabad, District Kech04/07/18
198HassanDur MuhammadMaleSingabad, Tejaban, District Kech04/06/18
199QambarMuradMaleSingabad, Tejaban, District Kech04/06/18
200MajeedSaleemMaleSingabad, Tejaban, District Kech04/06/18
201KamranNoor BakhshMaleMehnaz, Buleda, District Kech04/06/18
202Abdul RazzaqDad MuhammadMaleNawano, Zamuran, District Kech04/05/18
203ZahoorAbdul LatifMaleTagranabad, Tump, District Kech04/04/18
204NaseerMaleTagranabad, Tump, District Kech04/04/18
205Amanat HasratMaleKharan, District Kharan04/03/18
206Mohim JanMaleTaloi Bazar, Dasht, District Kech04/02/18
207SaleemMuradMaleKaur-e-Posht, Buleda, District Kech04/02/18
208MunirFaqir MuhammadMaleBalgathar, District Panjgur04/01/18
209ZyadullahBabo Rahmat AliMaleWashbood, Panjgur, District Panjgur04/01/18
210MuneerFaqeer MohammadMaleNali, Balgatar, District Kech03/31/18
211AlimHaji ImamMaleNondada, Awaran, District Awaran03/30/18
212Ahmed AliUsmanMaleWapda Bazar, Tump, District Kech03/30/18
213SaddamSabzalMaleMalikabad, Tump, District Kech03/29/18
214ZubairFidaMaleMalikabad, Tump, District Kech03/29/18
215DilbodBaharMaleSolir, Washuk, District Washuk03/27/18
216MansoorUsmanMaleGomazi, Tump, District Kech03/27/18
217YasirNasirMaleKaleero, Bal Nigwar, Dasht, District Kech03/26/18
218Abdul MajidMaleKilah Dagh, Kharan, District Kharan03/25/18
219Abdul MalikMaleKilah Dagh, Kharan, District Kharan03/25/18
220WashdilAmeer BakhshMaleChetkan, Panjgur, District Panjgur03/25/18
221Ghulam JanPindokMaleSolir, Pendok Village, District Washuk03/24/18
222Basit JanPindokMaleSolir, Pendok Village, District Washuk03/24/18
223RehkoPindokMaleSolir, Pendok Village, District Washuk03/24/18
224AshrafJummaMaleSolir, Pendok Village, District Washuk03/24/18
225HussainKhan MohammadMaleDalsar, Mand, District Kech 03/24/18
226Abdul WahabAli MohammadMaleJathani Bazar, Dasht, District Kech03/24/18
227Dad MohammadAzizMaleGawak, Mand, District Kech03/21/18
228WaheedRafiqMaleMenaz, Buleda, District Kech03/20/18
229Salman ZaffarZaffar MohammadMaleAsiabad, Tump, District Kech03/18/18
230Mohammad YounusAbdul HakeemMaleChakal, Panjgur, District Panjgur03/18/18
231HaneefAbdul MajeedMaleDalsar, Mand, District Kech 03/17/18
232Abdul HameedMohammad KarimMaleBazdad Geshtri, Awaran, District Awaran03/17/18
233Abdul RazaqHassanMaleDarmiyani Bent, Awaran, District Awaran03/16/18
234MirJanSayadanMaleMuch Kartag, Bolan District Kachhi
235JangiyaanShah MirMaleMuch Kartag, Bolan District Kachhi
236KabulHayatMaleMuch Kartag, Bolan District Kachhi
237Shah DostAzeemMaleReesh Peesh, Paroom, District Panjgur03/14/18
238Mol JanYousufMaleBalicha, Tump, District Kech03/13/18
239MuheemBahadurMaleBalicha, Tump, District Kech03/13/18
240SwaliHammalMaleKallari, Harooni Dann, District Awaran03/13/18
241Kareem BakhshBijjarMaleKallari, Harooni Dann, District Awaran03/13/18
242Azoor BakhshKhuda BakhshMaleKahn Zilag, Askani Chamag, District Awaran03/13/18
243ShakirMaleKahn Zilag, Askani Chamag, District Awaran03/13/18
244Khuda BakhshMaleKahn Zilag, Askani Chamag, District Awaran03/13/18
245Mulla AbidMaleKahn Zilag, Askani Chamag, District Awaran03/13/18
246Khalid ShahbazJalal KhanMaleRodbun, Tump, District Kech03/13/18
247AzizKhan MohammadMaleWashuk, District Washuk03/12/18
248Khalid NaveedJan MohammadMaleWashuk, District Washuk03/12/18
249AzeemPeeralMaleDarchko, Dasht, District Kech03/11/18
250HaneefMohammad AminMaleParoom, Panjgur, District Panjgur03/11/18
251JaffarMol DadMaleReesh Peesh, Paroom, District Panjgur03/10/18
252NasirDil MuradMalePullabad Tump District Kech03/09/18
253SudeerMaleShapuk, District Kech03/09/18
254BalachMoosaMaleAbdoi, Zamuran, District Kech03/08/18
255SamadBijjarMaleBal Hoshab District Kech03/08/18
256DiljanMohammadMaleAbdoi, Zamuran, District Kech03/08/18
257AzeemDad RaheemMaleKauda Yousuf Mehala, Absar, District Kech03/08/18
258TufailRafiqMaleAsiabad, Tump, District Kech03/07/18
259SageerMaleTump, District Kech03/07/18
260SamadAli JanMaleTank, Hoshab, District Kech03/07/18
261Ali BakhshQadir BakhshMaleTank, Hoshab, District Kech03/07/18
262AwazMalangMaleTank, Hoshab, District Kech03/07/18
263NiazAbdullahMaleKolwa, District Awaran03/06/18
264AkhterHammalMaleKeelkor, Balgathar, District Panjgur03/06/18
265Asim BalochMuhammad AminMaleKahn Posht, Turbat, District Kech03/05/18
266WahagMiyya MadadMaleKenichi Kaur, Kolwa, District Awaran03/05/18
267Miyya BahramEid MohammadMaleKenichi Kaur, Kolwa, District Awaran03/05/18
268Nek SalehEid MohammadMaleKenichi Kaur, Kolwa, District Awaran03/05/18
269SageerMaleBand Gwaz, Tump, District Kech03/04/18
270JalaiMaleBand Gwaz, Tump, District Kech03/04/18
271AzeemImam BakhshMaleMalant Tump District Kech03/04/18
272MujahidShahdadMaleDandal, Shapuk, District Kech03/04/18
273BahramAllah DadMaleSari Gadagi, Balgatar, District Panjgur03/04/18
274FahadIbrahimMaleMalant, Tump, District Kech03/04/18
275SudeerAminMaleJumbor, Kolwa, District Awaran03/03/18
276BabaMaleMalant, Tump, District Kech03/03/18
277AkramMaleMalant, Tump, District Kech03/03/18
278AneesAbdul KhaliqMaleTasp, Panjgur, District Panjgur03/02/18
279HafeezMuhammad AlimMaleGramkan, Panjgur, District Panjgur02/28/18
280HazarSakimMaleUmri Kahn, Turbat, District Kech02/27/18
281Naik MuhammadMaleBazdad, Awaran, District Awaran02/27/18
282HaleepNaik MuhammadMaleBazdad, Awaran, District Awaran02/27/18
283Atta MuhammadKhair BakhshMaleDamb, Hoshab, District Kech02/27/18
284Allah BakhshMuradMaleNokabad, Duraski, District Awaran02/27/18
285NadeemRasool BakhshMaleBit, Buleda, District Kech02/26/18
286Sarfaraz TagappiMaleKharan, District Kharan02/26/18
287AbidAbdul HameedMaleMenaz, Buleda, District Kech02/25/18
288NisarUsmanMaleMenaz, Buleda, District Kech02/24/18
289BasitKhuda BakhshMaleMenaz, Buleda, District Kech02/24/18
290HammalMaleMenaz, Buleda, District Kech02/24/18
291KaleemAlimMaleKalan, Kharan, District Kharan02/24/18
292NaseerMajeedMalePhulabad, Tump, District Kech02/23/18
293DodaDin MuhammadMaleAlangi, Mashkay, District Awaran02/23/18
294ShokatWahid BakhshMaleHoshab, District Kech02/23/18
295KarimMajeedMaleShay Seechi, Dasht, District Kech02/22/18
296RahimMajeedMaleShay Seechi, Dasht, District Kech02/22/18
297AzumMajeedMaleShay Seechi, Dasht, District Kech02/22/18
298AbdulGhulam JanMaleShay Seechi, Dasht, District Kech02/22/18
299Muhammad JanGhulam JanMaleShay Seechi, Dasht, District Kech02/22/18
300AmjidNoor BakhshMaleShay Seechi, Dasht, District Kech02/22/18
301Muhammad RahimShugrullahMaleShay Seechi, Dasht, District Kech02/22/18
302Gul SherHanifMaleShay Seechi, Dasht, District Kech02/22/18
303ShamimMuhammad AktarMaleShay Seechi, Dasht, District Kech02/22/18
304KhalidGhulam RasoolMalePanodi, Dasht, District Kech02/22/18
305RahimMaleBahadi, Gresha, District Khuzdar02/22/18
306Azeem KhanMaleBahadi, Gresha, District Khuzdar02/22/18
307BaboMaleBahadi, Gresha, District Khuzdar02/22/18
308MujahidRahmdilMaleGwarkop, District Kech02/21/18
309AmjidGhulam QadirMaleMaheer, Mand, District Kech 02/21/18
310Ghulam QadirMaleSani Shoran, Sibi, District Sibi02/21/18
311s/o Ghulam QadirMaleSani Shoran, Sibi, District Sibi02/21/18
312Khuda BakhshMaleSibi, District Sibi02/21/18
313DenaMaleSibi, District Sibi02/21/18
314YousufMaleSibi, District Sibi02/21/18
315AturMaleSibi, District Sibi02/21/18
316Ghulam MohammadMaleSibi, District Sibi02/21/18
317AbdullahMaleSibi, District Sibi02/21/18
318s/o AbdullahMaleSibi, District Sibi02/21/18
319ManzurMaleSibi, District Sibi02/21/18
320KhadimMaleSibi, District Sibi02/21/18
321AshrafMaleSibi, District Sibi02/21/18
322s/o AshrafMaleSibi, District Sibi02/21/18
323ItwaMaleSibi, District Sibi02/21/18
324ChakarMaleSibi, District Sibi02/21/18
325AslamMaleSibi, District Sibi02/21/18
326MuradDur MuhammadMaleMullan, Mand, District Kech02/21/18
327PanoAhmed Din BugtiMaleOch, Sui, District Kech02/20/18
328Muhammad AlimRasool BakhshMaleKalshan, Parom, District Panjgur02/19/18
329Karam KhanMaleTrasani, Zehri, Distrit Khuzdar02/19/18
330s/o Karam KhanMaleTrasani, Zehri, Distrit Khuzdar02/19/18
331Muhammad Aleem KhudraniMaleTrasani, Zehri, Distrit Khuzdar02/19/18
332UzairMalangMaleKohda Hakeem Bazar, Parom, District Panjgur02/19/18
333MujahidMaleNizrabad, Tump, District Kech02/18/18
334MaqdomPendokMaleJatani Bazar, Dasht, District Kech02/16/18
335AslamUmaithanMaleJatani Bazar, Dasht, District Kech02/16/18
336RashidMaleMalant Cheri Bazar, Tump, District Kech02/16/18
337Abdul KarimMaleMalant Cheri Bazar, Tump, District Kech02/16/18
338BarkatullahMuhammad HashimMaleKahn, Gichk, District Panjgur02/16/18
339SaddamMuhammad HashimMaleKahn, Gichk, District Panjgur02/16/18
340HammalJummaMaleUmri Kahn, Turbat, District Kech02/15/18
341AyazNagumanMalePasni wad no 1, Pasni, District Gwadar02/15/18
342AnwarWashdilMaleGurrani, Pasni, District Gwadar02/14/18
343FarooqMullah HameedMaleKahn Posht, Turbat, District Kech02/14/18
344HamzaMaleKahn Posht, Turbat, District Kech02/14/18
345ShabirAssaMaleNalonj, Zamuran, District Kech02/14/18
346YasirAmeenMaleMula Kareem Bakhsh Ward, Gwadar, District Gwadar02/13/18
347HafeezIsmailMaleMula Kareem Bakhsh Ward, Gwadar, District Gwadar02/13/18
348SabirMaleMula Kareem Bakhsh Ward, Gwadar, District Gwadar02/13/18
349WaseemJalalMaleAlandoor, Buleda, District Kech02/12/18
350NadeemHaji SaleemMaleAlandoor, Buleda, District Kech02/12/18
351YasirMaleAlandoor, Buleda, District Kech02/12/18
352SirajAhmadMaleGichak,District Panjgor02/12/18
353Abdul HaqMuhammad HassanMaleCheer Gadadi, Balgathar, District Panjgur02/12/18
354YaseenMuradMaleCheer Gadadi, Balgathar, District Panjgur02/12/18
355NawabGhulam HusssainMaleKalshan, Parom, District Panjgur02/12/18
356Manzoor MairajMaleZehri, District Khuzdar02/10/18
357Lal BibiAtta MuhammadFemaleChotok, Mashkay, District Awaran02/09/18
358Zar BibiMurad KhanFemaleChotok, Mashkay, District Awaran02/09/18
359Khair BanoBahramFemaleChotok, Mashkay, District Awaran02/09/18
360SaraAli MuradFemaleChotok, Mashkay, District Awaran02/09/18
361Rahim BakhshKhan MuhammadMaleHingoli Ziyarat, Buleda, District Kech02/09/18
362Rahim BakhshMurad BakhshMaleHingoli Ziyarat, Buleda, District Kech02/09/18
363Hasil khanSulemanMaleSrich, Gresha, District Khuzdar02/08/18
364Naik MuhammadKhuda BakhshMaleChotok, Mashkay, District Awaran02/08/18
365Wali DadMaleKocha, Greshag, District Khuzdar02/08/18
366Mir Jamal KhanMaleNarak, Gresha, District Khuzdar02/08/18
367Khan MuhammadMaleNarak, Gresha, District Khuzdar02/08/18
368NooraMaleNarak, Gresha, District Khuzdar02/08/18
369DaulatMaleNarak, Gresha, District Khuzdar02/08/18
370Mula BakhshMaleNarak, Gresha, District Khuzdar02/08/18
371Wali DadMaleNarak, Gresha, District Khuzdar02/08/18
372ShahjanRaheem BakhshMaleWard No. 2, Pasni, District Gwadar02/07/18
373JavedAsumiMaleMehnaz, Buleda, District Kech02/07/18
374AkhtarGhulamMaleMehnaz, Buleda, District Kech02/07/18
375AkramAbdullahMaleKaur Posht Bit, Buleda, District Kech02/07/18
376Abdul RaufNabi BakhshMaleKaur Posht Bit, Buleda, District Kech02/07/18
377RiazUmaitMaleParom, District Panjgur02/07/18
378NazeerKarim JanMaleParom, District Panjgur02/07/18
379Noor janLiaquatMaleBuleda, District Kech02/06/18
380AltafDost MuhammadMaleBit, Buleda, District Kech02/05/18
381SidiqWashiMaleShadi Kaur, Pasni, District Gwadar02/05/18
382IlyasMusaMaleShadi Kaur, Pasni, District Gwadar02/05/18
383HasilGanguzarMaleKuchag, Buleda, District Kech02/04/18
384NaeemGanguzarMaleKuchag, Buleda, District Kech02/04/18
385Khair UllahBohair BugtiMaleRabi, Peerpul, Naseerabad, District Naseerabad02/03/18
386JabarDur Muhammad BugtiMaleRabi, Peerpul, Naseerabad, District Naseerabad02/03/18
387MoriyaSuleman BugtiMaleRabi, Peerpul, Naseerabad, District Naseerabad02/03/18
388Nabi DostKura BugtiMaleRabi, Peerpul, Naseerabad, District Naseerabad02/03/18
389Bahram BugtiMaleRabi, Peerpul, Naseerabad, District Naseerabad02/03/18
390IqbalQadir BuxMaleKhudabadan, Panjgur,District Panjgur02/03/18
391Saal janKamalanMaleSharak, District Kech02/03/18
392ShabirKamalanMaleSharak, District Kech02/03/18
393Hassan JanSayadMaleSharak, District Kech02/03/18
394HaleemIqbalMaleSharak, District Kech02/03/18
395WaseemQadeerMaleSharak, District Kech02/03/18
396ShabirMaleKhuzdar, District Khuzdar02/02/18
397Meer JanLal MuhammadMaleSharak, District Kech02/01/18
398AsifKhudadadMaleAlandoor, Buleda, District Kech01/31/18
399AmirWaliMaleShahrak, District Kech01/31/18
400MazarFazalMaleShahrak, District Kech01/31/18
401MuzahirNaseer AhmedMaleDanney Sar Absor, Turbat, District Kech01/31/18
402Mir JanLal MuhammadMaleShahrak, District Kech01/31/18
403HamidMaleMenaz, Buleda, District Kech01/30/18
404ZareefMaleMenaz, Buleda, District Kech01/30/18
405BasitSattarMaleMenaz, Buleda, District Kech01/30/18
406PirjanNoor JanMaleMenaz, Buleda, District Kech01/30/18
407SarwarMaleMenaz, Buleda, District Kech01/30/18
408Haji Imam BakhshMaleGarbok Tal, Bolan, District Kacchi01/28/18
409MuradMaleGarbok Tal, Bolan, District Kacchi01/28/18
410PazoMaleGarbok Tal, Bolan, District Kacchi01/28/18
411Haji ZaragMaleGarbok Tal, Bolan, District Kacchi01/28/18
412Khaliq DadMaleGarbok Tal, Bolan, District Kacchi01/28/18
413LiaquatHaji Ghulam MustafaMaleZehri, Khuzdar, District Khuzdar01/26/18
414Haji Aziz SumalaniMaleBolan, District Kacchi01/26/18
415JalambTor Khan MazaraniMaleBolan, District Kacchi01/26/18
416Jumma Khan Muhammad HassaniMaleBolan, District Kacchi01/26/18
417Piro Muhammad HassaniMaleBolan, District Kacchi01/26/18
418Hapadsi Muhammad HassaniMaleBolan, District Kacchi01/26/18
419Gaazo SumalaniMaleBolan, District Kacchi01/26/18
420Akbar SumalaniMaleBolan, District Kacchi01/26/18
421Taimoor KhanMaleBolan, District Kacchi01/26/18
422Badho MazaraniMaleBolan, District Kacchi01/26/18
423Shadi Gul ChalghariMaleBolan, District Kacchi01/26/18
424Meshdar SumalaniMaleBolan, District Kacchi01/26/18
425Gul Hassan SumalaniMaleBolan, District Kacchi01/26/18
426Lalo MazaraniMaleBolan, District Kacchi01/26/18
427Gulab KhanMaleBolan, District Kacchi01/26/18
428Hazal Khan MazaraniMaleParko, Khuzdar, District Khuzdar01/26/18
429Fazal Khan MazaraniMaleBolan, District Kacchi01/26/18
430Murad Ali LanghaniMaleBolan, District Kacchi01/26/18
431AprosiMurad Ali LanghaniMaleBolan, District Kacchi01/26/18
432s/o Lalo PirdaniMaleBolan, District Kacchi01/26/18
433s/o Lalo PirdaniMaleBolan, District Kacchi01/26/18
434Haji Rahim BakhshShikari ArzooMaleGajjali, Mashkay, District Awaran01/24/18
435AzizAshrafMaleMondo, Gwadar, District Gwadar01/24/18
436ShahabHaji Raz MuhammadMaleResh Pesh, Paroom, District Panjgur01/24/18
437IslamRasheedMalePanjgur, District Panjgur01/24/18
438ShakeelNadilMalePanjgur, District Panjgur01/24/18
439SharafYahyaMaleNodiz, District Kech01/23/18
440SajidWahidMaleKohad, Tump, District Kech01/23/18
441SaddamKhair MuhammadMaleNizrabad, Tump, District Kech01/21/18
442AslamBahadurMaleSari Kallag, Gwarkop,District Kech01/21/18
443Muslim, MullaAbabakarMaleKor Posht, Buleda, District Bueda01/21/18
444Khuda DadMaleJungle Abad, Gwarkop, District Kech01/20/08
445AsumiTaj MuhammadMaleLindiki, Duraski,District Awaran01/19/18
446PagriLal BugtiMalePirkoh, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti01/18/18
447RahmatullahSultan BugtiMalePirkoh, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti01/18/18
448GhafoorAbdul LatifMaleOkar, Jiwani, District Gwadar01/17/18
449WisaakDilhaq BugtiMaleZain Koh, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti01/15/18
450Huzoor Bakhsh BugtiMaleZain Koh, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti01/15/18
451JammuAzlihan BugtiMaleOuch, Sui, District Dera Bugti01/13/18
452PehluAzlihan BugtiMaleOuch, Sui, District Dera Bugti01/13/18
453AsadAllah DadMaleGawash, Duraski, District Awaran01/13/18
454Sher DilNokapMaleGichk, District Panjgur01/13/18
455BaharNokapMaleGichk, District Panjgur01/13/18
456Waheed, DrMubarrakMaleNaag, Zamuran, District Kech01/12/18
457ZahidHaji Sher JanMaleNaag, Zamuran, District Kech01/12/18
458Noor Jan, MasterLal BakhshMaleNaag, Zamuran, District Kech01/12/18
459IltafHaji Sher JanMaleNaag, Zamuran, District Kech01/12/18
460SaleemBorJanMaleKulanch, Pasni, District Gwadar01/09/18
461Jumma KhanSayyadMaleWard No. 7, Pasni, District Gwadar01/07/18
462WahidSayyadMaleWard No. 7, Pasni, District Gwadar01/07/18
463Huzoor Bakhsh Chandra zaiMaleZain Koh, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti01/07/18
464DawoodHaji Muhammad RahimMaleBalicha, Tump, District Kech01/07/18
465Hussain BakhshSwaliMaleDal Bedi, Awaran, District Awaran01/05/18
466ShoaibSarwarMaleAlandoor, Buleda, District Kech01/05/18
467AslamAllah DadMaleSeestagan, Jhao, District Awaran01/05/18
468SajjadAsadMaleSari Kahn, Turbat, District Kech01/04/18
469BabatMaleNizrabad, Tump, District Kech01/04/18
470HameedRasool BakhshMaleMochen Sol, Dandar, Dasht, District Kech01/03/18
471Dr. Muhammad GulWali MuhammadMaleKallari, Gichk, District Panjgur01/03/18
472Muhammad AslamDost MuhammadMaleKallari, Gichk, District Panjgur01/03/18
473Muhammad HaneefAbdullahMaleKallari, Gichk, District Panjgur01/03/18
474BajliShah Nawaz BugtiMaleZain Loti, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti01/02/18
475LahriShah Nawaz BugtiMaleZain Loti, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti01/02/18
476MandoShah Nawaz BugtiMaleZain Loti, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti01/02/18
477BachaAli Murad BugtiMaleZain Loti, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti01/02/18
478KahiriLal BugtiMaleZain Loti, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti01/02/18
479AyubRaja BugtiMaleZain Loti, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti01/02/18
480Mehrullah BugtiMaleZain Loti, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti01/02/18
481Mesri bugtiRaja BugtiMaleZain Loti, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti01/02/18
482Mir Muhhammad BugtiMaleZain Loti, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti01/02/18
483HayatIshaqMaleBahot Chat, Dasht, District Kech01/01/18
484PeerjanNoorjanMaleSulo, Buleda, District Kech01/01/18
485SuleimanAbbasMaleSulo, Buleda, District Kech01/01/18






Extrajudicial Killings:

S.NoNameF. NameGenderAddressDate of Abduction (mm/dd/yy)Date of Killing (mm/dd/yy)Mode of Killing
1AslamKhair MuhammadMaleKullan, Kharan, District Kharan06/26/18Encounter
2Noor BakhshYousifMaleGresha, District Khuzdar06/21/18Mutilated
3ShabirGhulam HussainBonistan, Panjgur, District Panjgur06/21/18Mutilated
4DilwashWali MuhammadMaleNilag, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti06/20/18Target Killing
5WaheedIbrahimMaleTalamb, Mand, District Kech06/20/18Target Killing
6AhmedAllah YarMaleGwar Soch, Awaran, District Awaran06/18/18Target Killing
7Gul MuhammadAliMalePaho, Gadop, District Awaran06/17/18Target Killing
8HabibullahAmanullahMaleBangulzai Road, Quetta, District Quetta06/16/18Target Killing
9NajibullahAmanullahMaleBangulzai Road, Quetta, District Quetta06/16/18Target Killing
10Anwar AliMehfoz AliMaleBangulzai Road, Quetta, District Quetta06/16/18Target Killing
11HayatMaleShadi Koar, Pasni, District Gwadar06/13/18Mutilated
12Mulla QasimMullaMaleKorak, Jhao, District Awaran06/13/18Target Killing
13AbidMaleSarawan, Panjgur, District Panjgur06/12/18Target Killing
14BahotAbidMaleSarawan, Panjgur, District Panjgur06/12/18Target Killing
15Saeed Ahmed LangoveMaleKilling Ismail, Quetta, District Quetta06/07/18Target Killing
16Kahri MarriMaleKahan, District Kohlu06/05/18Firing
17NajeebKahri MarriMaleKahan, District Kohlu06/05/18Firing
18TufailKahri MarriMaleKahan, District Kohlu06/05/18Firing
19TariqAbdul RehmanMaleJhal Magsi, District Jhal Magsi06/02/18Target Killing
20Ali GulTariq MagsiMaleJhal Magsi, District Jhal Magsi06/02/18Target Killing
21HaiderFaqeer MuhammadMaleMashkai Dap, Mashkai, District Awaran05/26/1806/02/18Mutilated
22Muhammad IssaIllahi BakhshMaleSani Shoran, Quetta, District Quetta06/02/18Target Killing
23NorozAttaullahMaleTump, District Kech06/01/18Target Killing
24BilquisFemaleShay Seechi, Dasht, District Kech05/27/18Target Killing
25Muhammad BakhshDildarMaleMalar, Awaran, District Awaran05/22/18Mutilated
26MumtazMaleIsplenji, Mastung, District Mastung05/20/18Mutilated
27Habibullah, MaulanaMaleSaryaab Road. Quetta, District Quetta05/19/18Target Killing
28Salman Ahmed BadiniNabi BakhshMaleSaryaab Road. Quetta, District Quetta05/17/18Firing
29AhsanAbdul QayumMaleRaisani Road, Quetta, District Quetta05/16/18Target Killing
30Dur MuhammadMola BakhshMaleGwargo, Panjgur, District Panjgur05/14/18Target Killing
31AzeemDad ShahMaleMalar, Awaran, District Awaran04/25/1605/05/18Custodial
32Munir MullazaiMaleKharan, District kharan05/05/18Target Killing
33IssaMehrabMaleKumbel, Dasht, Dsitrict Kech05/03/18Target Killing
34Karim BakhshAllah DadMaleBal, Keelkor, District Panjgur04/25/1605/03/18Mutilated
35KhalilSyed MuhammadMaleSoro, Mand, District Kech05/03/18Target Killing
36FerozMaleKahn, Gichk, Distrcit Panjgur05/03/18Target Killing
37Bozoo BugtiGhulam Muhammad BugtiMaleZain Koh, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti01/24/1805/02/18Custodial
38AtifYousufMaleSoro, Mand, District Kech05/02/18Firing
39Yar Muhammad, MullaAssaMaleDalsar, Mand, District Kech05/02/18Firing
40Maqsood AhmedRehmatullahMaleBabo, Mastung, District Mastung04/29/18Mutilated
41Khair BakshAmeer BakhshMaleQuetta, District Quetta04/27/18Firing
42Bibi BaghamFemaleShoro Parodh, Sorab, District Kalat04/25/18Firing
43SajidGhulamMaleFaqir Chat, Mand, District Kech04/16/1804/19/18Custodial
44AyubDil MuradMaleUmri Kahn, Turbat, District Kech04/19/18Firing
45ShahidNazeerMaleMalant, Tump, District Kech03/27/1804/13/18Custodial
46Khan Bakhsh BugtiMaleSangsila, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti04/12/18Bombardment
47Duri BugtiFemaleSangsila, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugtiv4/12/18Bombardment
48Gul Muhammad BugtiKhan Bakhsh BugtiMaleSangsila, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti04/12/18Bombardment
49Lal Muhammad BugtiKhan Bakhsh BugtiMaleSangsila, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti04/12/18Bombardment
50SadiqIbrahimMaleBashir Colony, Turbat, District Kech04/09/18Mutilated
51Naaz GulFemaleRaghay, District Washuk12/01/1704/06/18Custodial
52IqbalSwaliMaleTalsar, Hoshab, District Kech03/28/184/02/18Mutilated
53Muhammad AzeemMeer AzarMaleKechi Baig, Quetta, District Quetta04/02/18Firing
54JameelaSwaliFemaleTalsar, Hoshab, District Kech04/02/18Firing
55Nazad HussainHussainMaleQuetta, District Quetta04/01/18Firing
56SameerGhulam RasoolMaleTasp, Panjgur, District Panjgur03/25/18Firing
57Ghulam QadirDil ShadMaleSolir, Pendok Village, District Washuk03/24/18Shelling
58AkramMohammad EssaMaleSolir, Pendok Village, District Washuk03/24/18Shelling
59Allah Bakhsh MengalMalePuli Mass, Wadh, Khuzdar, District Khuzdar03/24/18Firing
60Raza MohammadMaleShahrag, District Bolan03/20/18Mutilated
61Rahmat UllahUsman SasoliMaleKharan, District Kharan03/19/18Target Killing
62KhalidMohammad IbrahimMaleHood Nall, Khuzdar, District Khuzdar03/16/18Firing
63AdilAbdul KhaliqMaleBuleda, District Kech03/15/18Firing
64Mir HanshooNandooMaleSorodi, Gwarkop, District Kech03/14/18Firing
65Mohabbat JanMubarakMaleParwar, Mashkay, District Awaran03/14/18Target Killing
66MubarakLashkranMaleParwar, Mashkay, District Awaran03/14/18Target Killing
67AmirAli BakhshMaleDawood Goth, Malir, Karachi Sindh08/02/1703/13/18Fake Encounter
68UmairAli BakhshMaleDawood Goth, Malir, Karachi Sindh08/02/1703/13/18Fake Encounter
69Chakar Ali BalochMaleKallari, Lyari, Karachi SIndh03/13/18Fake Encounter
70Meher AliMayar AliMaleTeertej, Awaran, District Awaran12-2017
03/13/18Fake Encounter
71Niaz Ahmed SanadiMaleGidr Bazar, Sorab, District Mastung03/10/18Firing
72Mohammad HussainDin MohammadMaleHub, District Lasbela03/10/18Firing
73Hafeez ShahSaleh MohammadMaleKasi Road, Quetta, District Quetta03/09/18Firing
74JameelAminMaleDarmakol, District Kech03/09/18Firing
75Safar KhanMuradMaleJamak, District Kech03/09/18Firing
76MunirZabadMaleTalsar, Hoshab, District Kech03/09/18Firing
77RaeesHakeemMaleDandal, Shapuk, District Kech03/09/18Firing
78AbbasMusaMaleKili Chakar, Quetta, District Quetta03/08/18Firing
79Zahir KhanAlim KhanMaleBarkhan, District Barkhan03/07/18Mutilated
80QadirMaleHazar Ganji, Quetta, District Quetta03/07/18Firing
81Akhtar BalochAkbarMaleLyari, Karachi, Sindh03/04/18Custodial
82SajjadAbdul SamadMaleHazara Town, Quetta, District Quetta03/04/18Firing
83Abdul SamadAbdul Aziz BangulzaiMaleMastung , District Mastung03/01/18Firing
84SanaullahGhulam QadirMaleJhal Magsi, District Jhal Magsi02/25/18Mutilated
85UnidentifiedFemaleKod Daan, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti02/22/18Decomposed beyond recognition
86RasooloJalai MarriMaleNasao, Kohlu, District Kohlu02/22/18Target Killing
87AzizullahNoor KhanMaleKhajak, Sibi, District Sibi02/22/18Mutilated
88RafeeqRoziMaleKodo, Jhao, District Awaran2 Years Ago02/21/18Custodial
89Ghulam YasinObayaMaleMengalabad, Hub, District Lasbela02/19/1802/20/18Mutilated
90YounisImam BakhshMalePanodi, Dasht, District Kech02/19/18Target Killing
91Zia ur RehmanMaleTrasani, Zehri, Distrit Khuzdar02/19/18Target Killing
92Noor ul HaqMaleTrasani, Zehri, Distrit Khuzdar02/19/18Target Killing
93MurtazaNoor AhmedMaleTar, Chitkan, District Panjgur02/16/18Target Killing
94MuneerUsmanMaleWashbod, Panjgur, District Panjgur02/12/18Target Killing
95Mohmmad HayatMuhammad BakhshMaleJhal Magsi, District Jhal Magsi02/12/18Target Killing
96UnidentifiedMaleDera Ghazi Khan02/11/18Decomposed beyond recognition
97UnidentifiedMaleDera Ghazi Khan02/11/18Decomposed beyond recognition
98HayatQamberMaleHingoli Ziyarat, Buleda, District Kech02/09/18Target Killing
99Saleh MuhammadMaleMastung, District Mastung02/08/18Mutilated
100Mola BakhshMeer AliMalePassion, District Pashin 02/06/18Target Killing
101Hafiz Abdul BariHaji Muhammad Sharif KubdaniMaleKharan, District Kharan02/05/18Target Killing
102Muhammad AsifFaiz MuhammadMaleNokshi, District Noshki02/03/18Target Killing
103Ghulam NabiMaleKat Mandai, Sibbi District Sibbi01/31/18Firing
104SalahMurad BakhshMaleKonshkalat, Tump, District Kech01/30/18Firing
105ShahabMaleWashbod, Panjgur, District Panjgur01/30/18Firing
106Muhammad IsmailMuhammad AkbarMaleMastung, District Mastung01/30/18Firing
107RiazLala MuradMaleShapuk, District Kech01/28/18Firing
108UnidentifiedMaleQuetta01/28/18Decomposed beyond recognition
109HidayatullahAbdul NasirMaleQila Saifullah, District Qila Saifullah01/28/18Firing
110AfzalMaleAwaran, District Awaran01/27/18Firing
111ShoaibHamzaMaleShapuk, District Kech01/27/18Firing
112KhalilIbrahimMaleNizrabad, Tump, District Kech01/27/18Firing
113HabibullahAbdul RehmanMaleMastung, District Mastung01/26/18Firing
114BuzoGhulam Muhammad BugtiMaleZain Koh, Dera Bugti, District Dera Bugti01/15/1801/24/18custodial/mutilated
115HafeezMuhammad Hussain KandariMaleAlamdar Road, Quetta01/23/18Mutilated
116Ghulam FarooqKhalil MengalMaleNoshki, District Noshki01/22/18Firing
117ChangeezMalePathan Kahoor, Turbat, District Kech01/21/18Firing
118Bashir Ahmed M. HassaniMaleSakuran, Hub, District Lasbela01/20/18Bomb Blast
119UnidentifiedMaleParoom, District Panjgur01/20/18Decomposed beyond recognition
124KifayatuulahMaleBolan, District Bolan01/17/18Firing
125Huzoor Bakhsh BugtiSommar Khan BugtiMaleSohbar Pur, District Sohbat Pur01/14/18Firing
126UnidentifiedMaleArbab Karam Khan, Quetta01/13/18Decomposed beyond recognition
127FazulMuhammad UmerMaleGayab, Mand, District Kech01/13/18Firing
128YounisAbdul HaqMaleSrinkin, Tump, District Kech01/6/1801/11/18Mutilated
129Muhammad BakhshMaleNasirabad, District Kech01/10/18Firing
130UnidentifiedMaleSibbi, District Sibbi01/07/18Decomposed beyond recognition
131MajeedFerozMaleSari Kalag, Gwarkkop, District Kech01/01/1801/07/18Mutilated
132ZarifIsmailMalePhulabad, Tump, District Kech01/05/18Firing
133UnidentifiedMaleKhudabadan, Panjgur, District Panjgur01/05/18Decomposed beyond recognition
135UnidentifiedMaleKilli Gogadahi, Sariyab, Quetta, District Quetta01/04/18Decomposed beyond recognition
136SadiqAbdul RehmanMaleBazdad Machi, Awaran, District Awaran01/04/18Mutilated
137QasimNizar Muhammad BadaichMaleKilli Deba, Quetta, District Quetta01/04/18Mutilated
138Battey KhanNaik Muhammad UmraniMaleJhao, District Awaran12/29/1701/04/18Custodial
139UnidentifiedMaleBedi, Awaran, District Awaran01/02/18Decomposed beyond recognition
140UnidentifiedMaleBedi, Awaran, District Awaran01/02/18Decomposed beyond recognition
141Noor AhmadHaji Khan MuhammadMalePhulabad, Tump, District Kech07/28/1601/02/18custodial/mutilated
142UnidentifiedMaleAzizabad, Kalat, District Kalat01/01/18Decomposed beyond recognition
143UnidentifiedMaleAzizabad, Kalat, District Kalat01/01/18Decomposed beyond recognition
144UnidentifiedFemaleAzizabad, Kalat, District Kalat01/01/18Decomposed beyond recognition