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cropped-BHRO_Logo_Horizontal.pngBaloch Human Rights Organization (BHRO) is a non-profit and non-governmental Balochistan based organization. It was founded on February 2011. BHRO brings forth the reports of human rights’ violation taking place due to the rigid counter insurgency policies of Pakistan. It demands from the HR organizations working worldwide to protect the human rights in Balochistan.

BHRO aims to collect and publish reports on monthly basis. It also aims to conduct seminars and press conferences about the critical situation prevailing in Balochistan. it intends to conduct meetings with the heads of HR organization throughout the world to make them aware of the situation in Balochistan.

In Balochistan no impartial or neutral and authentic media is allowed to report the real situation properly. BHRO aspires to convince international media to visit Balochistan in order to reach the true nature of the problems and help international HR organizations to raise voice against the violation of the rights of Baloch nation.