Balochistan: 19 abducted, 20 killed in two weeks

The first two weeks of October 2018 continue to remain grim in Balochistan. Pakistan. The new Government, so far, remains inefficient to address decade-long serious human rights violations by security establishment in Balochistan. Military operations, raids and incident of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial executions are continuously taking place across Balochistan.

Security forces forcibly disappeared 43 people including women and children from District Kech and Awaran in two weeks. 24 people were later released after few days of their illegal detention. However, fate and whereabouts of 19 people remain unknown. Moreover, 20 people were killed in different incident across Balochistan in which 12 people are targeted and killed, 4 decomposed and beyond recognition bodies were recovered, 2 people were extrajudicially killed by forces in custody, 1 mutilated body was recovered from Sibbi and 1 person was killed in an encounter with security



According to the details received by Baloch Human Rights Organization, Yousuf Iqbal, a resident of Malikabad district Kech was forcibly disappeared by forces on October 3, 2018, from the city centre in Turbat. He was later released after 2 hours and was again abducted on the same day. Since then, his whereabouts remain unknown.

On October 4, Frontier Corps forcibly disappeared Meerak Babo and Badil Rahmdil from Turbat. Both are residents of Konshkalat, district Kech and are employed in a bakery shop.

On October 7, forces abducted 3 people from Lal Bazar, district Awaran. They are identified as Mako Ashraf, Rasheed Mohammad and Majeed Noor Mohammed. Majeed Noor Mohammad is a shepherd and was abducted during the military operation while shepherding his herd in the mountainous areas of Jhao.

Wahid Umer Photo: Ashoob News


On October 12, forces surrounded Machat, a village in Dasht, district Kech and forcibly disappeared

Musa Hamza, Khalil Hamza, Sher Jan and Faisal Ghafoor.

A decomposed and beyond recognizable body, tied in a sack, was recovered from Qila Abdullah on October 7, 2018. Another decomposed body was also recovered from Sibbi on October 9, 2018. 2 more bodies were recovered from Shahrag, district Harnai on October 11. Due to decomposition of the bodies and lack of medical facilities, bodies could not be identified and it is causing psychological trauma to the families of enforced disappeared persons.

Wahid Umer was forcibly disappeared by security forces from TiranDask, Dasht on September 21, 2018. He was subjected to inhuman torture during his detention which caused serious damage to his body. Later, he was admitted to a hospital in Turbat where he succumbs to injuries and died. In past, due to ill-treatment and torture, many people lost their conscious and many came out with permanent damages.

Wahid Umer tortured body Photo: Ashoob News


On October 14, a body was recovered from district Panjgur. The body was old enough to be recognized, however, a national identity card of Ali Dost Mohammad was found near the body. Ali Dost was abducted by security forces and state-sponsored death squads from Gichk on June 6, 2017.