Balochistan: 28 disappeared, 18 killed in August

Thirty-two persons were abducted and forcibly disappeared by Frontier Corps, a paramilitary force, in five districts of Balochistan in the month of August while 18 persons were killed.

Pakistan military has turned its southwestern province into a war zone since early 2000’a to suppress a nationalist movement. Thousands have gone missing and killed by security forces since then.

Human Rights Council of Balochistan and Baloch Human Rights Organization have found it difficult to reach most parts of Balochistan and could only collect partial details from Awaran, Kech, Gwadar, Panjgur and Lasbela districts. Twenty seven out of 32 districts could not be reached by our volunteers to confirm the reports due to blockade of communication networks and barriers in the entry and exit routes.

On 01 August, six students abducted by security forces during two different raids in Turbat, Kech and Chitkan, Panjgur respectively. Piral Bashir Ahmad, Sajid Dinar, Sher Jan Yousuf and Alim uddin Mustafa were abducted by security forces from Turbat, whereas Abdul Karim Shamim Ahmad and Nasrullah Shabir were forcefully disappeared from Chitkan, Panjgur. 

On 05 August, Ali Hakim, resident of Malikabad, Tump district Kech, was abducted by security forces. 

Uzair Allah Dad was forcibly disappeared by forces along with his sons from Mashkay, Awaran from his home on 06 August. 

On 08 August, Ali Abdul Rahim was abducted by security forces from Ormara, district Gwadar. Ali is a resident of Jhao, district Awaran. 

On 17 August, early morning a raid was conducted by Pakistani security forces on Jattani Bazar, Dasht district Kech. Children and women were beaten up and after a house to house search operation Niaz Shambay was taken into custody by forces. In another raid during the same day on Kalshan, Parom district Panjgur, Shah Nizar Huda Nizar was abducted by security forces. 

On 20 August, security forces launched a full-scale military operation in Kolwah, district Awaran. Area is under siege since then and all the communication lines are blocked. 

On 21 August, forces launched another Military search operation in Raghay, Mashkay district Washuk and abducted six shepherds, Dad Karim Hammal, Sher Jan Abdullah, Huzoor Bakhsh Abdullah, Swali Dad Karim, Alam Khan Khair Mohammad and Ghos Bakhsh Gulsher. 

On 22 August, Adil Kalmati was abducted by security forces from Jemari Bazar, Gwadar. 

Adil Kalmati. Photo: Ashoob news

On 24 Aug, Pakistani security forces raided Front Bazar, Dasht district Kech and forcibly disappeared six person, Rafiq Lal Bakhsh, Majid Khuda Dad, Mehbub Abul Hasan, Riaz Dad Mohammad, Nasim Saleh Mohammad and Dur Jan Abdullah. 

65-year-old, Essa Shambay was abducted by security forces during a raid on his house in Zairati, Dasht district Kech on 25 August. 


Manzoor, resident of Hub City, Balochistan, and Sami Saifullah Lehri, resident of Khuzdar, were shot to death on 16 and 17 of Aug respectively. Both deceased were students and were killed by thieves during two separate robbery incidents. 

On 22 Aug, local aid workers in Noshki, Balochistan found a decomposed dumped dead body which was later identified by doctors of Sarfaraz Jumma Khan, a local of Noshki, and the local doctors assessed his time of death to be before 22 days since the time of the discovery of his dead body. 

On 27 Aug, another decomposed dead body was found dumped in Kolwah district Kech. The body was later identified to be of Asad Bebagr. He was abducted by security forces almost a month ago with another civilian. Asad’s dead body has been found but the whereabouts of the other person still remain unknown.