Newsletter June 2017

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Balochistan: 200 people forcefully disappeared, 37 killed, 127 released in June. BHRO

Baloch Human Rights Organization has issued its monthly report of June which states that in Balochistan, in the month of June, security forces carried out 48 military operations in which

Press Release

Balochistan: The space for human rights activist is shrinking in Balochistan. BHRO

Baloch Human Rights Organization’s representative condemns arresting of well-known human rights activist and Voice for Baloch Missing Person’s Chairman, Nasrullah Baloch by police and said that provincial government is resorting

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Balochistan: Forces are committing “Grave Breaches” in Balochistan. 87 people are forcefully disappeared in May. BHRO

Bibi Gul Baloch, Chairperson Baloch Human Rights Organization has issued monthly report of human rights violations, took place in the month of May as a result of military operations and

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Balochistan: HRCP has totally ignored Balochistan in its 2016 annual report. BHRO

Baloch Human Rights Organization (BHRO) expressed its concern on Human Rights Commission of Pakistan’s (HRCP) 2016 report and said that it is saddening that HRCP has totally ignored incidents of


Newsletter May 2017

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Balochistan: 120 people abducted in raids and military operations, 24 killed while 29 people were released in April 2017. Bibi Gul Baloch

Baloch Human Rights Organization’s Chairperson Bibi Gul Baloch, during a press conference in Quetta Press Club, has issued monthly report of incidents of human rights violations taken place in Balochistan


Newsletter April 2017

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Press Release

Balochistan: BHRO demands safe recovery of missing persons, 70 abduction cases reported in April.

Baloch Human Rights Organization has expressed its grave alarm over the abductions of people by forces during military operations in Balochistan and said that the situation in Balochistan is appalling

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Newsletter March 2017

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