Report of April 2016

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Baloch Human Rights Organization (BHRO) presented its monthly report on Human Rights in Balochistan  in Quetta press club which says that in April 2016 forces conducted 58 operations in which 89 people were killed and more than 130 people were abducted. The report says that human rights violations are worsening day by day in Balochistan. This year the number of people killed in April is twice greater than compared to January in which 31 people were killed.  It is a clear evidence of imbalance in the situation of human rights in Balochistan. From 6th to 8th April 34 people were killed according to security forces’ own statement in operations, in the surroundings of and in between areas of Kalat and Noshki. Among them dozens of those people were included who were migrating to colder areas in search of food for their cattles.  Due to aerial bombardment a large number of women were also killed along with male members of the migrants. According to media sources, Noor Bibi, BibiShali, Namer Khatoon, GulBibi and NaazBibi along with other women were among the dead ones whereas the numbers of injured ones are other than this.

On 19th April forces handed over two corpses to local hospital in Awaran and claimed that they were killed in cross firing. The bodies were identified as Majid s/o Mohammad Umer r/o Mashkay and Adil s/o RaheemBakhsh r/o Awaran. Majid was abducted by forces from Main Street of Awaran on 6th January, 2016 and Adil was abducted on 27th February 2016 in front of public from Main Street of Awaran. To avoid criticism, pressure and to hide human rights violation, forces brought changes in its many years old “kill and dump” policy. Now instead of killing directly and dumping their bodies forces are killing the prisoners in fake encounters and declaring them as arm militants.

Such misuse of power had created a sense of insecurity and fear among the masses. The fear of abduction by forces or to be killed in aerial bombings has become a part of people’s life in Balochistan. Education of children, sports and other activities of life are paralyzed due to fear.  Due to war thousands of children are deprived of going to schools, which is a matter of great concern. In this regard provincial government is totally silent. In short Balochistan is practically a war zone where one sided use of power without any discrimination has made life of people miserable. As a human rights organization it is our responsibility to play our role and present whole scenario in front of media despite of all risks and problems. As the media reporters sitting hundreds of kilometers away try to determine the situation of effected areas which is impossible to know and reach the real situation. We hardly get reports during operations as forces cut off all communication sources and block all incoming and outgoing roads due to which news of affected areas cannot reach out. That’s why there were also other people who were abducted and killed other than the numbers in our report but their details couldn’t reach us yet. But according to interior secretary statement in four months period more than one thousand people were abducted and more than 300 people were killed, which is enough to understand the deadly situation in Balochistan. The interior minister acknowledged the arrested people but avoided publishing further details. Last year government institution acknowledged arresting of missing persons in media but till today none of them was presented in front of court nor are they providing further details. However, their dead bodies were appearing time by time from different parts of Balochistan. As a local organization, Baloch Human Rights Organization appeals to United Nation to send his representatives of human rights institutions in Balochistan to raise voice against human rights violation and recovery of missing persons because due to the silence of related institution, lives of thousands of missing persons are in extreme danger who are still in the custody of forces.