Report Of February 2016

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As you all know how counter insurgency policies are affecting civilians in Balochistan. The operations in the name of extremism are becoming cause of death of innocent people, women, children and prisoners. During these operations mutilated bodies of previously abducted people were found in different areas of Balochistan. Despite of extreme cold and hot weather, during operations, forces burned down whole villages. Due to which women and children are forced to live in extreme weather conditions under open sky. According to number of active political and human rights organizations in Balochistan, thousands of civilians were abducted whereas around three thousand multi riddled bodies of missing persons were found in Balochistan. The casualties during aerial and land army operations and the people who were targeted and killed are other than these numbers. Despite of our continuous appeals and reminders, the human rights violations by forces in Balochistan are getting worse day by day. It is very sad to express that local media, civil society organizations and human rights organizations are not fulfilling their professional responsibilities and have ignored violations of human rights in Balochistan.

Baloch Human Rights Organization (BHRO), a Balochistan based organization considers it its core duty to raise voice in every forum against human rights violation and killing of innocent people in Balochistan.To fulfill this duty our organization presents monthly reports of the incidents happened in Balochistan to the world through you that you and worldwide human rights organizations could understand the seriousness of the situation. Despite of state’s threats BHRO considers its humanitarian and moral duty to bring human rights violations in media’s notice. As media is not allowed/ totally forbidden in Balochistan, the people from outside Balochistan, through limited news did the mistake of determining the situation of Balochistan by considering it peaceful. But due to Balochistan’s based and approach in far fledged areas we are well aware of the seriousness of the situation. The news about Balochistan which comes in media was in fact not 1 percent of the real situation. The mentioned below are only brief details of the month of February which would be presented in front of world through you. From which we can know/ determine the real situation of Balochistan. It needs to be clear here that these reports are of casualties and abductions during army operations only. Political freedom in Balochistan, economic crisis, education, health and other humanitarian needs’ reports are not included in it.

According to Baloch Human Rights Organization’s details and numbers, from February 1st to February 29 2016, 94 army operations were carried out. As a result of these operations 312 people from different areas were abducted and went missing. Not even a single abducted person was trialed / presented in front of court with charges and forces denied the abduction of any abductee which not only became a matter of concern for the abductee’s family but also increased the feeling of insecurity in the society.

In the month of February 40 people were killed in target killings, army operations including the mutilated bodies found in different areas of Balochistan. Among these killed ones most of them were abducted previously by forces, killed in fake encounters and claimed to be killed in cross firing. On 13th of February mutilated bodies of 10 people were found in different areas of District Sibi including bodies of Qaiser Khan, Ramzan Pahlawanzai, Zaman Khan and Mohammad Khan Marri. According to forces these people were killed in cross firing but on the other side, local people says these people were abducted before and were among the missing persons, who were shot in close range and their bodies were mutilated by throwing acids on them. According to local sources all the dead ones were farmers. In another incident in Parwar area of Mashkay forces handed three dead bodies to local administration. Two of them were recognized as the resident of Quetta and Washuk respectively while one of them was not recognized. On 9th of February a well-known baloch poet Shaukat Sehrai’s son’s dead body was recovered by Edhi (a charity trust) from Steel Town Karachi who was abducted by forces on his way to Mashkay from Panjgur on 28th of September 2013. On the same day in District Kech, Master Nawaz a school teacher and resident of Khairabad dead body was found in Kalatuk who was abducted before some days. In the month of February 40 people were killed in operations, target killing or first abducted and then killed which shows real situation of Balochistan.

It must be clear that in ongoing year in the month of January, army and paramilitary forces conducted 50 operations in which 167 people were arrested and 30 were killed. In two months period 479 people were arrested and then went missing. Most of them were still in the custody of forces. Meanwhile in the same time more than 70 people were abducted and killed or targeted and killed.

The situation of most less populated region of Pakistan can be easily determined by numbers of abducted and killed people by forces in one month period. In the month of February only, in different parts of Balochistan 312 people were abducted/ arrested from their houses, shops and while travelling without any cases which as compare to January exceeds 147. Arresting people in large numbers, detaining them illegally in torture cells without presenting them in front of court are increasing the feeling of insecurity in Balochistan. Also in the month of February most of the people were arrested from Quetta, in different operations 166 people from different places of Quetta were abducted by forces. In previous month 55 people from Bolan, 21 from Awaran, 24 from Gomazi and 22 people from Balgather and Sui were abducted. Other than these, 24 people were abducted from Gwadar, Turbat, Dasht and from different parts of Balochistan, in which Azeem Baloch, a school teacher from Heronk, a poet Ismail Asif from Turbat and a school teacher Muneer Rahshon were included. Despite of Muneer Rahshon’s mother protest in front of Mand and Turbat Frontier’s Corp camp, Muneer Rahshon was not released by forces.

Arresting of such a large number of people in one month period and detaining them without presenting them in front of court is not only a matter of great concern for us as a human rights organization but it is also a violation of basic human rights law. We appeal to responsible state organizations and international human rights organization to take notice of human rights violation by forces in Balochistan and play their role in recovering of missing persons. Otherwise such operations will get worse day by day.

Baloch Human Rights Organization