Report Of January 2016

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As you all know that due to the ongoing war in Balochistan, the situation of human rights in Balochistan is getting worse day by day. Killing people inside their homes, abducting them and then throwing their multi riddled bodies have become a daily routine. Most of the military operations conclude with burning down and bulldozing houses during which results into people being forced to live in extreme weather conditions under open sky. Despite of seriousness of the situation, the government and state institutions are dead silent. Media has also failed to pay proper attention to the loss of lives in such a large number.

According to statistics of different organizations, thousands of people in Balochistan have gone missing. Whereas, mutilated dead bodies of 3000 missing persons have been found. The number of casualties during aerial and land operations are other than these. Despite of our multiple appeals and reminders, human rights violation by forces in Balochistan are getting worse day by day. It is sad to say that local media, civil society’s organizations and human rights organizations have turned a blind eye towards Balochistan and totally ignoring human rights’ violation in Balochistan. It is necessary to clear that during military operations, media never tried to go to the affected areas to cover the losses. However, the ones who tried to get aware of the situation, the forces didn’t let them access the affected areas in order to hide their dirt game and the losses of innocent Baloch families. As a result of indiscriminate military operations a large number of people were abducted, injured and killed. Due to which an environment of fear and insecurity has developed.

The below mentioned are the incidents of January only. We are presenting statistics of the entire incidents of this month to the world through you that we could determine the worse situation of human rights in Balochistan.

According to our statistics from 1st to 31st January 2016, more than 50 military operations were carried out in which more than 132 people were arrested and then went missing. While more than 30 people were killed during operations, target killing and appeared in the form of mutilated dead bodies. During the operations in the month of January 6 people got injured including women. Mutilated dead bodies of two youth Hanif and Younis who were abducted from Pasni Balochistan in 2013 and 2014 respectively are among the dead ones. Wherever, dead bodies of 3 political workers were found from Dera Bugti. According to local sources these activists were abducted from different places few months back. In the end of January, Baloch political leader Dr. Mannan Baloch was killed by forces along with 5 other activists in Mastung, Balochistan. Dr. Mannan and his fellow activists were killed by forces in a house in Killi Datho, area of Mastung, Balochistan.  Other than these 7 dead bodies were found in unrecognizable condition. In a short period of one month, arresting of more than 132 people and transferring them to unknown places and such a large number of casualties are not new incidents; it is a daily routine in Balochistan. In the month of January most people were arrested from Quetta, which are 50 in numbers. Other than these more than 80 people are picked forcefully up without any legal charges from Awaran, Jhao, Gwadar, Pasni, Panjgur, Mastung, Hub Chowki, Bela and from different parts of Balochistan. Around a dozen of shop keepers who were abducted in the daylight from main town of Mashkay are still in the custody of forces.

Families of abductees are very concerned about the lives of their dear ones. Because the 3000 mutilated bodies were of those missing persons who are abducted by forces in front of people. In more than 50 operations by military and Para-military forces during the first month of January many houses were burned down while many houses in Awaran District were bulldozed.

In a short period of one month, abduction and killing of such a large number of people is self evident that not only human rights situation in Balochistan are very serious but the state institution are violating the law themselves. We have already brought in the knowledge of the world through you and once again express our concern that if responsible human rights organizations didn’t take notice of human rights situation of Balochistan, it will have very negative impact on the situation prevailing in there.

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