Report Of June 2016

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In the month of June 49 people have been killed in 56 military operations and other incidents, whereas 110 people have been abducted during these incidents. According to the reports, 29 people among the abductees from different areas have been retrieved. Amongst those most of them have been abducted in the very month of June, whereas Ijaz s/o Baran and Mehrab Baloch were abducted in 2013 along with another boy who was abducted in 2014 were also retrieved.

In the month of June 9 people including women were injured during these operations, too.

Balochistan is a war zone. Misusing the power is affecting common people badly. Women and children are terribly suffering due to the intensity of this war. There are such families whose only breadwinners/ earners are either abducted or killed. But there is no any help or special package given by the government for the well being of the affected families. The most critical/serious thing is the rigid behavior of the forces regarding Balochistan. The forces are using their fear as a weapon against common people in their counter policies.

In the last quarter of June 9 mutilated bodies were thrown in Mashkay, District Awaran, Balochistan, who were killed in target killing amidst of public whereas the most astonishing point about the incident is that the forces released a news in media telling public that they were killed in an exchange of fire which is totally against the reality of the matter. Such incidents by the forces have developed a sense of insecurity among the public. Because picking up the people in front of the very eyes of public: killing them and later dumping their bodies leaves negative effects on the minds of the people. In such a short period of a single month abduction of 110 Baloch and killing more than 50 is self evident to clarify the situation in Balochistan. But despite all this instead of stopping these incidents the government officials seem to defend the activities of the forces in their press release at different times which seems like giving permission to the forces to abduct and kill common innocent people.

In interior Balochistan displacement of a large population is a big issue. But Balochistan Government has renounced from its duties completely. Baloch are left at the mercy of the forces. The forces have compelled the Baloch people to displace forcefully from Jhao, Awaran, Parom and from the areas of Makran, Dasht and Tump including Jhalawan, Dera Bugti and Kohlu. Thousands of people from almost 300 families are displaced only from the areas of Jhao, Kohro, Daru Kochag, Doliji and Zeelag.

BHRO appeals to the local and international Human Rights Organizations to play their vital role in the reestablishment of the war ridden displaced people and retrieval of the missing persons.