Report Of March 2016

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Baloch Human Rights Organization says in his recent report of human rights violations by forces that in the month of March 31 people were killed and 200 were abducted in different army operations in Balochistan. 2 innocent girls from Buleda and Kohlu and women who were killed during army operation in Kohlu were among the killed ones. Other than these 12 people were released who were abducted by forces from different parts of Balochistan few months back. Among these people 5 youths who were abducted from Tump in the same month and Mujeeb Ur Rehman, resident of Buleda who was abducted in 2013 from Karachi were included. BHRO said abducting of people on daily basis in Balochistan and without any legal procedure detaining them for months and years had become a matter of great concern for the people Balochistan. Security forces during operations, attacks civil population without any differentiation due to which a sense of insecurity and uncertainty had developed among peoples. The BHRO’s spokesperson said that during a one month period, death of more than 30 people and abduction of 200 people is the evidence that forces consider themselves superior from the state law and human rights and conducting army operations in Balochistan. If the government and international institutions didn’t take notice on time against the human rights violation of forces than it will become the cause human tragedy in near future. BHRO reacted about the government spokesperson statement, published few days back and said that instead of feeling shame by killing people after abducting them, detaining them in unknown places without any legal charges and violations of people rights, still they are declaring abduction and killing of political workers their victory which is a matter of great concern for human rights activists. According to government’s announcement, in last 4 months more than 1800 people were arrested whereas 92 people were killed but neither the details of killed ones were presented nor did they explain about presenting of any arrested in front of court. This strengthens our fear that these people will be killed in custody too. The Spokesperson of BHRO appealed to international human rights organizations to pay attention to such a serious humanitarian issue of abducting political workers without any charges and killing them in custody without any legal procedures.

Baloch Human Rights Organization