Report Of May 2016

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The month May’s report is a continuation of monthly report publication which presents the Human rights violation in Balochistan, recovery of mutilated dead bodies, killing of innocent people, taking people in custody without any legal charge and allegation, on behalf of you people we want to present all these issues in front of international media human rights organizations.  As we have published the reports of January till April through the media and press club of Quetta and Karachi. Our previous reports have been read by you people and different institutions who are keeping an eye on Balochistan. Due to which it’s easily understandable that the situation of human rights is turning worst day by day. On the average basis daily two to three people are killed and six to eight people go missing. In comparison of disappeared people, recovered people are very few in number due to which the number of missing persons is increasing rapidly. Enhancement in number of missing persons and dead people and recovery of unidentified dead bodies such incidents have created a stressful condition in terms of scenario of human rights.

Unnecessary use of force and tyranny, common masses are afraid and feeling insecurity.  Fear of abduction in the hands of military forces, getting injured or fear of death due to aerial bombardments, are the part of lives of people in interior Balochistan. Due to warfare kids are unable to attend schools, which is a very critical point. Provincial government is completely silent in this regard.

In short, Balochistan is presenting a view of such a war zone area practically where one sided and reckless uses of force are making people mentally depressed. The purpose of publication of our monthly report is to get the attention of international organizations towards the actual situation of Balochistan so that they not only rely on reports of local controlled media but get awareness of real situation. As the representative of human rights organization from Balochistan, It is our responsibility that we play our role for presenting the situation in front of media besides all difficulties and threats. Media persons are unable to reach the realities as they are far away from the affected areas. The reports of operations and military actions in far flung areas reached to us after much difficulty because forces cease the communication system and seal the exterior and interior ways in those particular areas due to which real situation of affected areas become inaccessible for the world. There might be more people who are abducted and killed in different places of Balochistan who are not mentioned in our report because their details are not reachable to us.

As we already mentioned that Balochistan has been turned to a war zone practically, excess and reckless use of tyranny and force is the main cause of human rights violation. In terms of less populated region of Pakistan, Balochistan faced human rights violation in the hands of militant forces more than any other province. In comparison of other regions, in Balochistan more people are dying, facing abduction and injuries due to militant actions by forces. According to our statistics 29 people have been killed, more than 114 have been abducted and 26 have been recovered in the month of May. The people who have been killed include Farooq s/o Pindok whose dead body was recovered from Karachi; he was a resident of Tump and was arrested before 17 months in Karachi. In the same month of May dated 17th May dead bodies of Mujahid and Sarwar s/o Hassu have been found in Mashkay. Both were abducted by Pakistani security forces on 27th February from their homes. On 17th May in Awaran security forces handed over the mutilated bodies of Ashraf s/o Yar Mohammad and Abdul Samad s/o Suleman to the local administration. Both were kidnapped by security forces last year in Awaran Bazar. On 20th May dead body of 55 years old Allah Bakhsh was found from Awaran, who was abducted by forces in Nondra, area of Jhao, besides these dead bodies of those people are also included in this number who were shot dead in  target killing in the areas of Buleda, Mand, Dera Bugti. While five dead bodies, found in different areas are in unidentifiable state.  Those killed people who have been identified are victim of extra judicial murder, while regarding unidentified dead bodies it is doubted that they are dead bodies of those abducted Baloch youth who were buried without DNA tests.

Such acts raise question mark on state of international organizations of human rights. It is a fact that forces even called aged old people, women and little kids extremists and terrorists in order to conceal their tyrant actions and to avoid criticism. But forces that are active in Balochistan as a troop, it is against the rules of journalism to spread their statements and consider them true. The international and local organizations for human rights and media should show their immediate reaction on Kalat incident and on such other incidents but their disappointing silence is exhibiting their alliance with powerful elements who are involved in massacre in Balochistan. The policy of kill and dump has been changed now, which was continued for last many years, instead throwing mutilated bodies directly, forces are killing imprisoned people in fake encounters and falsely claimed them terrorists. Half of dozen dead bodies have been found in Awaran in a week in the month of May who were called terrorists by forces but in fact they were the people who were in custody of forces for many months.

Details of abductees of month of May

In the month of May more than 114 people were arrested. These all people were abducted from their homes. People who have been abducted in May include Yousuf s/o Sardu from Hoshab, Ameer s/o Mohammad Umar along with him, 7 other people from Gokdaan have been disappeared. Soba and Honehal from Dera Bugti, Three brothers from Turbat, Master Mohummad Bakhsh, government servant Sabzal and Swali from Jhaoo, Basheer, Ghulam Mohammad, Sabir, Lal Bakhsh, and Razzaq were also abducted along with many others from Dasht. Besides these, people from Mashkay, Balgatar, Gwadar and people abducted from whole Balochistan, are included in this number. Government representatives already accepted the abduction of masses in media, but after passage of many years still those people are neither released nor presented in courts. Although according to the law of national action plan, forces and administration are responsible to present the prisoners in courts after three months of imprisonment. But after passage of long time of three month; that itself is an inhuman law, in spite of presenting prisoners in front of courts, forces are throwing the dead bodies of imprisoned which is quite serious.

Details of people who get released in month of May

In the month of May 26 people were released from the custody of forces, in which Khalil s/o Abdullah and Saleem s/o Hamza residents of Balnigwar were released, both were abducted before two months. Haji Abdul Ghani resident of Pidrak was released who was abducted before four months. Dilawar son of Ababagr was released who was abducted in February. Ten people who were abducted from the area of Jhaoo in the month of May were also released but they were badly tortured by forces during custody. 26 people from Tump, Mand, Mashkay, Turbat, Gwadar and other areas of Balochistan were also released in May. People who were released include Irfan Mehr, a young poet and writer of Balochi language, who was abducted from Gwadar by forces before 7 months. Clearly, the number of released people in May is more in number with a comparison to the other months in terms people who get released. But still number of abductees is much more than the people who are released.

Over here we want to clarify that due to limited resources and strict obstacles created by forces hundreds of killings and abductions are not mentioned in our statistics and we were unable to get any access of details of these people. But governmental representative verified our statistics time to time by their statements. Interior Secretary has admitted and confessed the thousands of abductions of last month and last year in media and governmental institutions also confessed the same in the media but so far all these missing persons who were abducted are neither presented in courts nor their details have been provided. Hence, their dead bodies are recovering from different areas continuously.

As a local organization of human rights, Baloch Human Rights Organization appeals to United Nation, UN should send its Human Rights Organization’s representatives to Balochistan, and should raise voice against the human rights violation. UN should play its role for recovery of thousands of missing old and young people from Balochistan. So that thousand families get relief from the stress. We repeat that silence of UN, Amnesty International and all other local human rights organizations, local and global organization of civil society is becoming the reason of killing of innocent feeble people. If their silence prevails, then many other lives will be terminated in Balochistan, by the use of violence.

Baloch Human Rights Organization.