Report Of September 2016

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Baloch Human Rights Organization released its monthly report about human rights violation in Balochistan which says that in the month of September 300 people were abducted by State Forces and went missing while 122 people were killed in Balochistan. Among the killed ones 20 mutilated bodies were found who were already in the custody of forces and were abducted from different areas of Balochistan. The report further added that forces are targeting innocent civilians without any discrimination.

Human rights are being violated on daily basis during operations in far fledged areas of Balochistan which are beyond the reach of media. Media is failed to play its role to bring forward the whole situation in front of common people. Abduction of people in such a large number in a short period of a single month is self evident to prove that State’s counter insurgency policy is directly affecting civilians. On 13th September, forces conducted land and aerial operation in Dera Bugti and borderlands of Sindh and Balochistan, which resulted into the loss of lives of more than 15 people. People killed during these operations are claimed as terrorists by the forces but accepting and believing the one side story is against the rules of justice and journalism.

Forces abducted dozens of people including women from different areas of Dera Bugti.
In the month of September forces sieged the house of Abdul Rauf for a week in Turbat city. Women and children were detained in the house for a week. Besieging and torturing of any one because of his/her family members’ political affiliation with any organization is the violation of human rights. On 27th September forces raided a house during a marriage ceremony and abducted 30 youth and elders along with groom Ramzan in Tijaban, District Kech. During the raids, forces hurt the self-esteem of youths and elders. They affect their freedom without caring about their self-respect and privacy of their houses.

Baloch Human Rights Organization appeals to human rights organizations, media and civil society to raise their voice against serious human rights violations done by State forces in Balochistan and play their role to stop the use of indiscriminate force on common people.

Baloch Human Rights Organization