Annual Report 2016

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Balochistan has become a war torn region where forces consider themselves above the international human rights law. The policies which are being made in order to counter insurgency have become the reason of human rights violation and there is no effective voice raised against it. Despite of presence of military and Para military forces, incidents of religious extremism and target killing are continued in Balochistan and on the other side security forces are directly involved in abduction and dumping mutilated bodies.
In the year 2016, from January to December 603 people have been killed among which 113 mutilated bodies were found, whereas in different operations 1809 people were abducted and have gone missing. Majority of them are still in the custody of forces. Due to weak judicial system and threats, no one can file cases against the military officials. Even the local administration avoids filing cases against army and Frontier Corps considering the protection of their life. The incidents of abduction of political activist and detaining them for years are continued for a decade. Many political activists are missing for more than 8 years. Overall, Balochistan has become such a war zone where the news dies before appearing in any news outlet. Social media’s activists share limited stories in social media but due to restrictions and limited communication system the original situation has never been published in any media.
Baloch Human Rights Organization have compiled the details of the incidents took place in 2016. Before going through the details of the incidents, it is necessary to mention here that these details comprise of only 10-15% of the total incidents due to restriction and problems we faced in Balochistan. We are publishing these details with a request that national and international media should visit Balochistan in order to understand the real situation and publish a neutral report that people could become aware of the real situation and could stop the violations of human rights taking place on daily basis in Balochistan.
According to our statistics from 1st January to January 31, 2016, more than 50 military operations were conducted; as a result 132 people were abducted while during this time, the number of people killed in target killing, operations and appearing as mutilated bodies is more than 30. The mutilated bodies of Hanif Baloch and Younis Baloch were also found, abducted in 2013 and 2014 respectively, both are residents of Pasni, district Gwadar.Three mutilated bodies of political activists also found from district Dera Bugti. According to local sources these activists were abducted by security forces from different places few months ago. On January 30, 2016 Dr. Mannan Baloch, a political leader was shot dead by forces along with 5 other political activistss. Dr. Mannan and his colleagues were shot dead by forces in a house in Killi Dato, Mastung. Other than these in the month of January 7 mutilated bodies were found which were totally decomposed and beyond recognition.
In the month of February, forces continued operations in the same way. 312 people were killed in different operations while 40 people were killed including 10 mutilated bodies that were abducted before and were in the custody of forces. In the same way in March 31 people were killed and 200 people were forcefully disappeared. Fatima, a small girl from Buleda, 2 girls from Kohlu and the women who were killed during army operation in Kohlu are among the killed ones. In the month of March 12 people were also released who were abducted by forces from different districts of Balochistan. 5 youths from Tump and Mujib ur Rehman, resident of Buleda who was abducted in 2013 are among the released ones. The month of April was also unsatisfactory as per situation of human rights. According to our statistics in April in more than 58 operations 89 people were killed and 130 people were abducted. In an operation from 6-8 April in Qalat and Noshki forces claimed to kill more than 34 people. Among whom majority of people are shepherds and their families who were migrating to colder places in search of pasture for their livestock. According to media Hoor Bibi, Bibi Shali, Namer Khatoon, Gul Bibi, Naz Bibi and other women are among the killed one whereas, the number of injured people are not included. On April 19, 2016 forces handed over two bodies to Awaran hospital and claimed to be killed in encounter. The bodies were identified as Majid and Adil Baloch. Majid s/o Mohammad Umer resident of Mashkay was abducted on January 6, 2016 from Awaran and Adil s/o Rahim Bakhsh resident of Awaran was abducted on February 27, 2016 by forces from Awaran.
32 people were killed and 114 abducted in the operations being carried out in May in Balochistan while 26 people were released. Most of the killed people are those activists and common people who were in the custody of forces. 5 recovered bodies were totally decomposed and were beyond recognition. In the first week of April 4 mutilated bodies from Awaran, 2 from Mashkay and one from Jhao were found dumped. The mutilated body found from Jhao was identified as Allah Bakhsh resident of Nodada who was abducted by forces few days before. Burying of dead bodies without collecting their D.N.A has become reason of mental torture for the families of missing persons. Abduction and appearing of mutilated bodies is continued for last many years. In the month of June in 56 different operations 49 people were killed while 110 people are abducted. 29 people were also released who were abducted by forces in which most of the people were abducted in the same month of June. 9 people were also got injured in June including women. Balochistan is a war zone region. The only sponsor and bread earner of many families were either abducted or killed but government didn’t announce any rehabilitation package for the families of victims. The harsh attitude of forces towards the people of Balochistan is very concerning. Forces are using fear as a tool and targeting people in their policy of counter insurgency. In the last days of June, forces dumped 9 mutilated bodies that were shot in front of people. Forces issued a false statement in the media claiming that they were killed in encounter.
In the month of September 300 people were abducted whereas, 122 people were killed. Among the killed people 20 were dumped mutilated who were abducted by forces from different areas of Balochistan. On September 13, 2016 more than 15 people were killed in aerial bombardment during an operation in the borderline areas of Sindh and Balochistan. Security forces as usual claimed them terrorists but accepting one sided claim is against the rules of justice and journalism. In October Bibi Gul Baloch said in her press conference that 250 people were abducted by forces in which approximately 100 people were later released. On October 4, forces abducted 26 people during an operation in Gwarkop, district Kech, Shabir Baloch, a student leader was among the abductees, who is still missing. Latif s/o Maqsood along with 5 other people was abducted by forces during an operation in Kolwah. Latif was a shepherd and after 10 days his mutilated body was found from Absor, Turbat. In the month of October 17 mutilated bodies of missing persons were found and 51people were killed in different incidents in Balochistan. Sammi Baloch was also among the killed people, she was abducted by forces on September 12, 2016 during an operation. Other than these, three mutilated bodies of missing persons were also found from Qalat. On 26 October, 3 mutilated bodies were found from Dera Bugti in which two were brothers, who were abducted by security forces. 14 people were killed in enmity while 20 people were killed by forces. Political activists Hasil and Khumar Baloch residents of Mashkay and Jhao respectively are among those who were killed by forces. Hasil was shot dead by forces during an operation on October 5, 2016. Other than these 24 people were released from the custody of forces in the same month. In the month November, in more than 100 raids and operations by forces, 168 people were abducted while 114 people were killed. 32 incidents of custodial killing, target killing and people killed in operations took place whereas, 26 people died in enmity and other unknown reasons. Shah Noorani incident also took place in the month of November in which 56 people died and many more were injured. 47 people who have been abducted from different places were also released in this month; most of them were abducted in the same month of November.
Security forces operations and other unrest incidents were also continued in the month of December. In the last month of the year, in different operations 328 people were abducted and 24 people were killed. Mutilated bodies of most of the killed people were found from different areas. Mutilated body of a woman is also found. 106 people who were abducted from different areas were also released in this year. Most of the released people were those who were missing for months and years. Military operations are carried out on daily basis in Balochistan. State institutions and administrations are failed to provide protection and justice to the people, due to which a sense of insecurity has developed among people. Families of missing persons, after getting disappointed from state justice institutions are now appealing to international institutions to interfere. Operations and incidents of torture are not limited to some specific areas but these operations have expanded to all over Balochistan, especially the rural areas. Due to China Pakistan Economic Corridor, the villages on its route were either forcefully emptied or by everyday military operations, such situation was deliberately created that people are compelled to leave their land and migrate. Dasht, district Kech is under heavy military operation for last three months. In September, 2016, 80 people were abducted by forces from Dasht only and they have set ablaze many houses. The people of many villages of Dasht have migrated because of military operations. The immigrants have migrated to Turbat, Hub Chowki and to other areas of Balochistan.Thousands of families have migrated from Kolwah, Hoshab, Herronk, Shapuk, Balgatar, Awaran, Jhalawan and Koh e Suleiman and those who are left are fed up from daily threats and military operations and are compelled to leave their land. According to our statistics 2578 people from Kolwah have left their homes and migrated. Due to everyday operations and fear of abduction, people are migrating to Hub Chowki, Turbat and to other areas of Balochistan and due to financial problems people are facing trouble in migration. All the institutions of justice should play their role in order to save the people of Balochistan from this situation. The related institutions must play their role in order to release the missing persons and to stop dumping of mutilated bodies and government should also pay attention towards internally displaced person and should rehabilitate the people on their ancestors land.